When Worlds Collide

G is having problems.

He is a teacher.

He is a dad.

He teaches his daughter.

His TWEEN daughter.

Since he has been a teacher in her school since she was 5, they established an understanding quickly.  He is a teacher – not her dad – when they are in the school together.  Obviously there are exceptions.  But generally, it is the agreement.  She learned this agreement the hard way when she sassed him one day when he was in teacher mode.  Since that day, it has been great. No problems.

Until now.

DJ has a couple of boys who have been circling her.  G admitted that if they had any game, they would be fighting over her.  Thankfully they are still young enough they aren’t hitting her in the arm or pulling her hair, but they aren’t blatantly flirting either.

The other day at work, I get a text …

“Grrrr…the boy has moved himself to sit next to DJ. I want to make him go back to his seat, but I generally don’t care – but that’s my daughter he’s flirting with damn it!”

I laughed my ass off.  And reminded him that as a teacher, he can’t do anything unless it is an educational issue.

He asked me if I was sure.

Later in the day, she approached G about the evening plans.  The boy and his family live near us.  They were wondering if they could take DJ to school event being held that evening.

“So she has a date?? Good for DJ!” was my reply.

“I need a shot gun was his reply. And I’m going to make him not sit anywhere near DJ in class.”

“If you would like her to treat you like a teacher and not Dad, you need to treat her like a student and not your daughter.”

“Do I have to?? Please tell me I don’t.” was his reply.

“YES! If you don’t, I’ll give her permission to start whining at you and all.”

Later that night, he went to the school event being held off school grounds with a flask in his pocket and knowing he could not spend the night trying to keep the boy from DJ.

Being the good wife I am, I have spent my time since that night dropping little comments as though DJ has confided in me about that night.  “She got her first kiss in the corn maze in the dark.”

I think he’s going to get his revenge at some point.  Until then, I like to consider this desensitivitiy training for him.  Poor guy.

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  1. OsShirt says:

    If I were a boy in his class, I’d be scared to death to even think about your daughter. Then again, I do have some fine memories about my band director’s daughter…

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    I have a daughter. It amazed me how Karma bit me in the ass when I realized that guys like me where hitting on my daughter…

    This is the main reasons fathers are the way they are. Because they remember their man whore days when they were younger….

  3. I need to get that shirt for Hubman.

    But tell G that it could be worse… he could be teaching his HS daughter and watching HS guys with cars hit on his daughter.

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