Motivational Monday

I personally hate it when my brain and heart do battle.  It’s funny how intelligent you can be until you heart reacts to something and makes you feel something different.  Even though you know in your head what you are feeling is only fear, what you feel is out to convince you otherwise.  Worst.Battle.Ever.

Life can be quite the journey – but are you proud of it?  Are you proud of the life you have created? It’s an interesting question.  While most of us can find several things we wish we could have done differently, I guess – to poorly quote a book I read (that I cannot recall the title of) – when you look in the mirror, eye has to meet eye.  If you aren’t happy, find the strength to change – to start over – to redo what needs to be redone.  It isn’t easy. But in the end, you will be more proud of the outcome than the one you have right now.

Sometimes we are trying so hard to change ourselves that we get discouraged and forget to compare ourselves with the person that matters – the person from yesterday.  Doing this will show you how far you have truly come as a person.  And if it didn’t – see the quote above.

‘Nuff said.

Happy Monday!

What do you think?

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