Motivational Monday

This quotation by Einstein is pretty self explanatory. And it is one I love for its pure truth.  Whether it is politics, economics, relationships, friendships, work issues, etc – you must think differently to get a different result than what created the problem.  It is the true reason history repeats itself – because the thinking repeats itself instead of evolving or changing.

Simple truths.  We spend too much time focusing on the black and not the pink.

When you are reading parenting books, one of the major themes when handing issues that arise with the kids is making sure you go after the mistake, the problem, and not the kid.  You are not bad. You did something bad. The action or words were bad – not the person. For me, I remind myself that I surround myself with people who have good cores.  At the core of who they are, they are great people. Their actions – their mistakes – are not who they are.  Those things are their baggage – their issues to overcome.  Make sure you give yourself that credit. And give it to those around you too.

Run an insanely long distance and you will feel this one.  Getting to the end is the goal. You stop; you won’t get there.  So keeping forward movement – regardless of how slow – is the key.  Never stopping. There are many things in life where it is important to keep going.  Staying still will not get you through anything.  You can only get through by moving.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    I have to keep the mistakes one in mind….

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