Toys, Cats, Friends, Oh, My….

Ashly is doing her 3rd year of Toys for Tots.  I love that she does this fundraiser every year.  Go give her a few dollars to support her this year.  I know times are tough, but that’s not the fault of the kids.  Make sure they get some toys during the holidays.  It’s a good cause.

Friday, I dropped my work table on my foot.  I was trying to raise the legs when I lost my grip and dropped it on my foot.  I limped through my day and discovered it was quite swollen when I got home. I iced it and elevated it.  The next day, it felt bruised and the swelling had gone down – but not all the way. The bruise is huge and it definitely hurts yet.  But it’s not broken – thank goodness.  I am an idiot.  Only I could try to break my foot while working in an office job.

I spent the weekend taking care of my friends’ cats.  Their cats are their kids, so I had to visit them a couple of times each day – feed them, pet them, clean-up after them.  Two are older cats. The third is a skittish cat.  Food helped them be my friends.

Sunday was a day of rope for me.  G informed me that he wanted to put rope on my body before I got dressed.  This is not something he and I had done before, but it was fun.  I had some great rope marks.  Plus, I kept smelling the hemp rope.  Good stuff.

I talked to my dad this weekend.  I love that guy. He started telling me about how worried he has been about my mom.  She doesn’t get sick often, but when she does, she gets something that freaks him out.  She has been sick over the past few weeks.  She stopped eating at one point because she was getting so sick.  She sounds like she is finally on the upswing.  Antibiotics are good – even if they are scary.  The stuff they put her on is scary stuff.

Roller derby is fun stuff! We went with friends on Saturday, and it was a hoot.  But then again, there were some other factors that definitely made it fun.  I love my friends.

Sunday was Indian food night. Yummy.  I had some leftover chicken and ingredients from Sunday, so I made it more to add to the leftovers. Between that and the chocolate curry coconut cake, I’m a happy camper.

I tweeted something Monday morning about my observation of men on the commuter train. A woman got onboard with her child.  The two men sitting next to the door immediately got up and gave her their seats. This RARELY happens unless the people are about 40 and over.  I hate that.  I was raised to give up the seats for elderly, women with children, etc.  Seeing young people who are able bodied ignoring it drives me nuts.  This is the true state of our union.  No one owes anyone anything yet that is forgotten.  I can only hope I am raising my kids to not be like those people.

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  1. aww that is nice for the men to get up and even nicer to see that.


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