My thoughts in bullets

  • Hiring for the job I interviewed for is “on hold” indefinitely.  That was the last word I got on Friday afternoon as I lay in bed sick.  So, I’m back to square one.  It sucks, but it is what it is.  Nothing I can do about it.  What sucks is that they were clearly on the verge of offering me the job – all references were checked, just waiting for the final green light.   Back to my network of resources.  Shrug, it’s all I can do.
  • We hopefully hang the art in the gallery show at the local sex club tomorrow.  Too many changes led to too many delays led to a bit more last minute stress than we needed.  Fingers crossed that we can get this pulled together.  Since it is going to be a body painting exhibit, I get to spend all day there on Thursday.  Should be interesting given my company. 
  • I’m almost done making DJ’s costume for the Geek Girl Con this weekend.  Thankfully I was able to refashion them out of a turtle neck and a pair of shorts.  Refashion is just a fancy word for “hack sewing”.  Instead of making the costume from scratch, I’m just modifying and cutting apart something already made.  Tomorrow, I dye it green.  And figure out how ambitious I am in terms of the variations of green.  There are two different kinds on the pants.  She is pretty happy so far.  And, I’m going to give my tween kudos – she is going for it.  The character is meant to show her belly – it’s a very functional athletic type outfit.  DJ decided she was good doing that.  Granted, she is my bean pole with no fat on her, but the fact she is not body conscious is pretty cool. May she stay like that for a while.  Even G agreed that she looked perfect even if he did want to put her in a burqa.  
  • My brother and I made up on Sunday.  After a couple of passive agressive things on Facebook, I decided instead of responding in writing, I would call him out directly by, well, calling him directly.  After some small talk, he finally said simply “I’m sorry. I miss you and G.  You guys helped me so much when you were in college and would come home and drag me out of the house. You didn’t know it at the time, but you kept me from falling too much into the anxiety and depression by doing that. I don’t know why you did it, but you put up with an emo teenager by making him go out and have fun – and looking back I enjoyed it so much.  Just want that again.”  Then he acknowledged that in hindsight, flying at me the way he did was a bad idea given, well, if I had approached him in that way he would have gotten pissed too.  I got a nice note from my SIL the next day.  Guess we’ll see how it goes.  Oh, and he has decided when he takes the motorcycle class soon to get is OR endorsement, he’s dragging me along.  My dad may have another heart attack if two of his kids learn to ride.  
  • I’ve taken over the operation of G’s amazon store.  Twelve packages to ship out yesterday.  Got it done in about 5 minutes at the post office.  I could not have timed it more perfectly. And I got a postal worker who was not angry and lecturing which seems to be the norm for me.  I have a stack of books I had told him to list on his store. It’s on my to-do list to see if he actually ever did it.  He loses track of his books sometimes, so I’m guessing no.
  • The neighbor who runs a computer recycling business informed us that it will cost $40 to fix my old MacBookPro – the one that had an encounter with a glass of wine.  Wonder if he found all my naked pics on the laptop.  I realized it after I gave it to him that I never was able to pull the files off of the laptop because the keyboard stopped working and I didn’t have a mac compatible one.  Plugging in the backup drive ensured I got the files backed up, but I could never delete anything. Oops.  Oh well, maybe it’ll get me a discount.  
  • I got rid of almost all of my remaining girl scout cookies last week.  A friend was over, commented on the pile, so I sent her home with half of what was left – about 10 boxes.  Last night, in return, she brought homemade banana bread. Yum!   I think I got the better end of that trade.
  • G and I are going to go camping in the VW bus in a couple weeks.  Our anniversary getaway will be at the beach.  He scheduled it a few days ago.  It will either be a final push of nice weather or we will get storms.  Either way, I’m looking forward to a fire at night, waking up to coffee on the beach, and just bumming around.  Oh and testing suspension on the bus too.  
  • I have a pet peeve on Twitter.  It is those people who Tweet that if you enjoy their tweets and photos that you should buy them something off their Amazon lists.  I’ve decided I may do my own version.  Except instead of encouraging people to buy me stuff, I’m going to encourage people to donate money to worthy causes.  I mean, if it’s really that easy to get people to do that for you, why not use it for good rather than stuff.  I guess that’s the difference between a 20-year-old’s thinking and a 38-year-old’s thinking.  Shrug.
  • Finally I leave you with this…it made me giggle. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    Good set of bullets. Sorry about the Job thing…this economy bites the big one right now.

    Glad to see that you and your brother made up….nice!

    Twitter and I have a love/hate thing going on right now. I am on it with my alter ego, but I am not on it really. I miss my drama free days there….

  2. Hubman says:

    We have the same Twitter pet peeve. I decided to unfollow anyone who tweets about their wish list. Someone called me out on unfollowing her, I told her it was because of her daily tweets about the latest addition to her wish list. She wasn’t too pleased, but I don’t give a fuck.

    I hope the job search prospects look up soon!

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