Motivational Monday

And happy trees. But seriously, sometimes what feels like was mistake really put you on the path you needed to be on. Believe Bob Ross.  That man was Buddha with a paint brush.

I actually put this on my phone the other day as its background.  Why? Because it’s sometimes hard to remember that you are sometimes mere moments away from things going the other way.  Giving up would risk prolonging everything.  Hang on.

I really found something in these words when I read them.  Why? Because what I hold inside always comes back to bite me in the ass – sometimes I feel like I am drowning.  I need to – just like most people – to figure out how to let them go so this doesn’t happen.

Make this your goal for this Monday – to do something strange and extravant. Shake things up. Make it a great Monday instead of the usual Monday.

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  1. OsShirt says:

    Oh, I try to do something strange every day! Most days I don’t even have to try…

    I never went looking for Bob Ross’ show–it just sort of sucked me towards it. If it was early in the show, and just mostly blank canvas, I could change channels. But once he got his background up, I was reeled in like a bass. I couldn’t leave until he finished!

  2. DCHY says:

    I had a great Monday. I had a breakthrough with a student who could not comprehend the steps involved in multiplying fractions. Next up, dividing fractions! 🙂

  3. Yes break the monotony…I am so for that!

    xxx Sophia

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