Motivational Monday

I love this quote. Why? Because it is true – I am possible. You are possible. No matter what we may think is impossible – the word reassures us that the converse is true.  Honor it. Believe it. You ARE possible, just like I am.

This is my problem. I have a hard time giving up on people. Why? I believe change IS possible. I believe things CAN happen. I believe in miracles.  Believe in them.  Believe in people. It’s a more positive way of living.

G and I were talking about this idea this weekend.  The Buddha teaches that we make ourselves miserable by what we want versus what we have.  When we accept and find happiness in what we have, we find true happiness instead of making ourselves miserable by longing for what we want – what we might have had – what we had that may have been great, but caused us grief.  Don’t think too much.  Realize life IS simple.  Savor what makes you happy instead of what you once had.  Dwell in the now instead of over thinking.  Don’t fixate on who things change – fixate on how things are good.  It is easy to find the bad in the world – fixate on what is good.

My mom used to say “kill them with kindness”.  I used to think it was the wussy way out. Be nice in a way that kills them versus smack them alongside the head to achieve what was needed.  Now, I get it.   While I may not like how things have ended for me in the past, I have rarely been unable to look at myself in the mirror and felt I should have done something different.  I am kind.  I am sympathetic. I am who I am.  Yeah, I’m Popeye.  I know who I am, I refuse to apologize for it.  I am kind. I am sympathetic, and I am good at making others feel special – feel like they aren’t the fuck-up they may  make themselves feel like.  Why? I see the potential.  I see what is possible. I kill people with kindness. Hate it when Mom is right.
And may others yield this warning on a Monday:

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    I love the last one…Yeah, that is more my style…

  2. Myli says:

    These always make me laugh and smile! Thank you for that!

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