Motivational Monday

Above all else, be kind and make it part of your religion. It’s amazing how it can change your life – even if you that is all you believe.

This is the dangerous about thoughts – they can define you if you let them.  Don’t let your thoughts define you. Don’t let them get out of your head and into your actions.  Be conscious of what you act upon as you are better than some of your thoughts.  Believe it.  Because there are people who believe it in you.

What is it they say? It’s about the journey, not always about the destination.  Sometimes what may feel like the way you didn’t intend to go was not the right choice – but realizing what you have or where you ended up – and having it feel good – is the right place regardless of how you got there.

I love this quotation.  Because it is so true, sometimes what may, on the surface seem small, makes the heart feel big.  Don’t ignore the small things just because they seem small because how they make you feel – how they make your heard feel – is the most important.

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  1. DCHY says:

    Never thought about my character being my destiny. Deep.

  2. Love the Pooh quote. 🙂

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