Good Things in My Week

A few weeks ago, I did a post called “Looking for Good” where I made a list of the good things that happened in my week – in an attempt to look for the good instead of fixating only on the bad.  Why? It’s easy to let the stress weight you down. It’s not so easy to look for the good.

I’ve had one of those weeks where I have been in a funk due to a lot of things, so it’s time to look for the good.  Here we go:

  • I avoided the illness going through the people in the house.  
  • I talked to a recruiter for a job, impressed her, and got the interview. It’s next Friday. 
  • I got the director who drives me nuts in my current position off my back by putting some pressure back on her. This was great – no more pressure for me – and watching her squirm as I got her to see it is her who had failed was also fun.
  • Spent 2 glorious hours sitting in a park reading, taking pics and generally just unwinding – and I did this alone.
  • I cleaned out the fridge. This is a big deal as I have three people who are great at adding things to the fridge but not removing them even if they are on the verge of walking out on their own feet.   And I grossed two of the offenders out to the point where I think they are now scared straight.
  • I made some sour dough bread started. Should be ready for use this weekend.  (Emmy fact: I love making bread from scratch.)
  • I harvested my first tomato from the garden.  I have three more on the verge of being ready too. Last year, they all rotted – the year before they did the same thing.  I think I’m back on track with growing them.
  • I had a great talk about baseball with my neighbor who played for Arizona State – and now umpires and coaches.  He still loves that I taught the neighbor kid how to throw a ball in like 2 seconds whereas he was struggling.  Thanks Grandpa and Dad for giving me the little trick when I was a kid.
  • My insomnia all week allowed me to get to one of my favorite Buffy episodes on Netflix entitled Beer Bad.  Quotes like “Beer good – beer foamy” and “Nothing can defeat the penis!” 
  • I sprayed off the back deck – a bigger deal than one would normally think.  Think old dog who doesn’t always make it off the deck before going to the bathroom. Yes, ick. Not ick anymore.
  • Spent a few hours with a friend talking and eating yummy olive bread and cheese. And drinking tasty adult beverages out of water bottles so we could. Beer good.
  • Hearing some well needed words from a very good friend – words I needed to hear – and he knew exactly when I needed to hear them apparently without even maybe realizing it.  
  • Dinner and drinks with another good friend – time we both realized we needed more of together. 
  • Seeing photos from the surprise I arranged for Domenico.  Every time I see them, they make me smile remembering how loopy he was on his endorphin high and how giddy we both were for different reasons.  Who knew needle play could be so good. I’ll leave it at that.  *grin*
What good things have happened in your week?

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  1. Chapter Two says:

    I used to do this on my mommy blog every night. five things I was thankful for/ happy about…. it worked. really.

    I love the fridge one!

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