Good Things in My Week

This may become a weekly thing now – start of the week with motivation – end it with a reflection.  Seems to work for now anyway.

  • Spending the weekend with chosen family. I love that phrase “chosen family”.  And I love those who have been making up this family too.
  • Walking through the forest with Domenico – talking – swapping lies – and just enjoying the peace of the forest.  
  • Job interview scheduled!  Friday morning – by the time this posts, I’ll be en route to my interview.  Send positive thoughts. Thanks to me catching the stomach bug my family has been passing around, I had to reschedule it.  Not a good first impression bringing a stomach bug to an interview.  
  • Hearing from the recruiters that they are all ubber excited to meet me.  Hearing how impressed they are with me on paper.  
  • Sock shopping with Lili.  Sock dreams is a dangerous place.  Kind of looking forward to sock weather again.
  • Kicking the soccer ball around – against the retaining wall, then with Domenico. Funny how the simple things are entertaining sometimes.  
  • Art committee meeting at the local sex club. Yep – I’m on the committee to find artists to display in the gallery spaces.  Interesting crew. Should be fun.
  • Deciding that the spiral is the perfect way to organize the desks in G’s classroom
  • This post – Dana’s update about her son.  AWESOME news – for both of them.
  • My friend’s husband who has been giving me some great support (and distraction) via Fetlife.  He is truly a good guy.  Still kind of weird thinking about how the vanilla world collided with the kink one – but all in good ways.
  • Driving my jeep and getting all giggly as the air whipped my hair around, and G smiled asking if the gift was still okay.  Hell yes!
  • Green beans – fresh from the garden.
  • Listening to two tweens who are supposed to be sleeping – laughing and joking with each other while reading comics and all.  Love the friendship DJ and she have.  
  • Seeing the house out of recycled boxes that Indigo and her friends made on the sidewalk.  
  • Cool afternoons under the arbor
  • Realizing that even I was getting sick of the mood I was in – and finally finding the place in my brain where I could turn it around.
  • Meeting a local blogger/twitter friend finally! And having him be exactly as I had thought he was. Love it when the person matches the personae, if you will. 
Happy Friday!

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  1. Aurore says:

    I have been dying to go to Sock Dreams – I drool over their website way too often!

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