Early Friday Morning Ramblings

I’m getting good at walking in heels. I didn’t trip once last night at the kink party at the local swingers club. And I went up and down the steps more times than I could count. The benefits of volunteering, I guess. Lots of practice.


I am particularly hating blogger drama right now. Why? This community is ever shrinking as people move from their blogs to Twitter and Tumblr.  There have been things over the past year that have divided the community – and seeing it further divide makes me worried it will simply accelerate the process by driving people out.  Now I’m not talking the kind of drama where people’s moral fiber has been brought into question – names are named versus eluded to – and madness ensures. No, I’m talking the back-and-forth disagreements between bloggers over opinions shared and responses given.

I could join the fray, but do not – not because I suck by not supporting my friends – but because what is the fucking point? Blogs are like your home.  And I say whatever I want in my home. Those visiting can listen to it or not. Their choice. But I will still say it.

And you know, if they go to their home (or their blog, in this case) and respond in whatever way they want to, they can do it. Just as I can publish something on my blog – and you can publish something on your blog.

Is it ideal to keep it all on the up-and-up, no passive aggressive BS or making people (inadvertent or not) feel thrown under the bus? Absolutely. But we are dealing with the written word, folks.  No guarantees people will understand the larger meaning  – or the true intent – as it is all in the eye of the reader.

Like I said, dividing the community is stupid at this point – especially as we are seeing bloggers close up shop, seeing comments at all time lows, and seeing other social media sources taking over.

In the words of Rodney King post LA riots – “Can’t we all just get along?”


You still have time to wager guesses as to how many photos I took last weekend. My goal is to have them all loaded and edited this weekend.  I have too many photos on my hard drive, so I was lower on HD space than I realized.  Toss out a guess if you have one.


Tonight is the Perseid Meteor Shower, so go out and watch what is usually a great meteor shower.    And given how much my kids “oooh’d” and “aahhh’d” over the stars this weekend, if you have city kids, take them out and show them the stars outside of the city.   Good stuff.

I have insomnia, so I’m writing this at 3:30am.  Tomorrow is going to be a long fucking day.
And along those lines – the up at 3:30am that is – what the fuck is up with all of the trucks barreling down our street? Geesh.
I’m starting to wonder if this is really true – or if I’m just an idealist.  I so don’t want to be a cynic about this…..
I got to participate in a humiliation scene last night after the pet (under consideration) of my friend continually checked to make sure I didn’t need anything while I was volunteering.  That was quite interesting – from a couple of angles.  My friend who created the scene for the pet (under consideration) and the pet under consideration.  I’ll have to say though – the guy is quite hot.  
The upside to all of the photo editing? I’m re-watching the Buffy series.  I forgot how much I love that show.  Her lines are great – snark at its finest.  And Faith – I loved Faith.  And Xander.  Good stuff. If you have never watched it, watch it. It is far from a chick show, if you are a guy worried about that.  
I’m going to go try to do this now…..let’s hope my brain will stop talking to itself.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    Boy do I understand this post. I will be the first to raise my hand and state that I have posted stuff that got people hot under the collar.

    And stating that some people just do not understand the higher meaning of the written word is…an understatement.

  2. Kurt says:

    Stick with blogging. I’ve never seen a Tumblr site with anything like the text content of a blog. They’re fine for photos but lack the interactive functionality of a blog that allows comments. Tumblr is the Internet dumbed down.

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