Skipping HNT, Being Goofy Instead


My first HNT in a while that I’ve missed.  I need to take some photos.  Didn’t feel like doing something quick and already done, so skipped it instead.  Gotta feel it, if you’re gonna do it.

I’m in a weird mood today.  I blame The Bloggess.  Have you discovered her?  Today she has a picture of her cat with a bag of frozen veggies to help swelling post-neutering.  If not, go read her stuff.  I got hooked a while ago, but would drift in and out as time allowed.  The discovery of the Giant Chicken story did me in.  I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Go, read it.

I also saw this video on this post:

Watch it – it’s great.  Explains what she is all about.

I also heard her interview on NH public radio about the chicken story.  She talked about dealing with the haters.  She explains how someone telling her face to face how offended they are about what she write is presented with her business card which says “Only assholes get offended.”  She explains how she deals with stalkers and hate email – ways that are hilarious. And had me looking at how I deal with it – liking her way the best.  Click here to listen to it and laugh.

As I explained to a friend, definitely gives a great perspective of how to turn something angry and negative into an opportunity to laugh and have fun – even if its at their expense.  Why let it drag you down, if you can use it to lift you up.  I like that approach. More fun than being angry.

Today, so far, I have used a weird analogy to explain to a frustrated girl friend why it takes saying the same thing over and over and over again before a guy in her life finally understands it.  And of course, when he does, it’s like brand new like she’s never said it before.  My explanation: “boys seem to need to hear it several different ways until one penetrates their noggin – kinda like millions of sperm trying to get into the egg…..only one will do it – and sometimes, none will be successful.” 

Sorry, guys, but it’s the truth. Remember my experience: brothers, lots of male cousins, male dominated field – I’ve had a long education of how guys think. (Much to my dismay some days.)  And women, we usually have no problem bombarding them with it.  Or at least, I don’t.

I have also gotten into the most confusing conversation ever with a cohort.  First off, I’m happy he actually called me after the weirdest most confusing voice mail I left him earlier.  After I hung up, I thought, “Good God, what did I say?!”  He called back, and we continued the odd conversation trend.  One that finally ended with a “write out the math equation version of what you guys WANT to use.”  I could swear what they say they want is what they said they DIDN’T want last week.  See, math skills are necessary after high school. 

Or at least communication skills which apparently I also need given I did this ———>

Finally, I have decided that this is how I’m going to get my kids to clean their rooms:

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  1. OsShirt says:

    I don’t want to disagree, but this is the second time in about 2 months (isn’t it?). 😉

  2. I love that mom text. 🙂

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