Photos: Nature Walk


Last week, I tore the tween girls away from the TV and video games by forcing them to go for a nature walk. DJ had just gotten a bird call – a very neat little device that is  fun when in a nature setting as the birds will fly to you and call back.  I figured she should practice it while they get a glow from the sun versus a screen.

These little blue dragon flies were everywhere.


I liked these little wild raspberries that were growing everywhere. They are fuzzy on top.

I have no idea what those are — maybe while taking photos, I should learn about the plants. 

I was a bit frustrated with my vantage point of the pond.  There was a gorgeous heron standing there begging to have its photo taken. I tried taking it, but even cropped it isn’t a great photo sadly.  Oh well, another day.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    These are great pics!

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