Motivational Monday #11

First off, a belated birthday to Domenico.  Since I’ve started giving myself the weekends off in terms of blogging, I realized I wouldn’t be able to provide a real time wish.   Happy birthday, my sexy friend.  I’m sure I will find a proper present for you soon. 😉

A great approach to living a content life.  I like the “talk gently” and “hurry never in a word”.  Good stuff.

Funny how we spend so much time in school talking about Romeo and Juliet and miss the critical life lesson.

I always love how people will say “I am listening” while they keep trying to talk.  I always comment that you listen with your ears, not your mouth.

I have had this conversation with many people over the years. They look at a friend of ours who works 4 months a year so he can play the rest of it – and see that he is not successful because he doesn’t own a car or a house.  But he is living the life he wants. He has success in not having those things – in having people and community of support.  Success must be defined by the person aiming for it.  It cannot be defined by those watching.

I know I’ve used this one before in another post, but I need this one for me.  Whenever I feel conflict, I feel it because my head is trying to rationalize away the doubt, the hurt, the sad, the anger, the…insert emotion here.  And, in the end, the real source of my conflict is the fact my heart is whispering “you do” when I’m trying to rationalize away the emotions with “i don’t care”.  Why is it so hard to accept our feelings sometimes – to give them a voice?   I’ll leave that open ended question there for a moment  because I think that could be its own post.

Happy Monday!

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  1. DCHY says:

    I love your Motivational Mondays. The “Listen – Silent” one is cool and the “Heart” one is deep.

  2. Max says:

    Beautiful thoughts. Happy Monday. 🙂

  3. Joker_SATX says:

    I love my Motivational Mondays here. I am posting a comment just to let you know I stop by….

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