HNT – Dreaming of Sun


Socially networking sucks sometimes. While the rest of my timeline is complaining about needing AC and the heat of the day, we have rain…..

…..and more rain…..

…..and more rain…..

…..and just when we think it’ll stop….more rain.

And we’re lucky if we see 65 degrees.

Looking to the weekend, however, we have our first signs of possible warm weather.  The weather guessers as we call them here are guessing we will be 70 degrees on Friday (and no rain), 82 degrees on Saturday (and no rain) and 80 degrees on Sunday (and no rain).  And even past then, it looks nice 65-70 degrees – and no rain.

But we call them weather guessers for a reason.  Their dart board in back is sometimes right but most of the time wrong.  Until then, I’m hoping it holds true.  I need some sun – and not the liquid kind. I want to wear shorts and a t-shirt and not a sweatshirt.  I want and need a glimpse of summer – the summer we didn’t get last year.    So keep your fingers crossed – or send us your sun and heat. I think I speak for most of the Pacific NW in saying, we are ready for it!

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  1. suburbanslut says:

    If I could, I’d pack up some of this sun and heat/humidity and sent it to your corner of the country. 90F with equal humidity today here – ick. I felt like I was in Georgia, not Jersey. T-storms came through after dinner and while it was nice for a bit, it soon got muggy again. I don’t wish for your rain (we had plenty of it ourselves for a couple weeks, but nothing like the midwest), but I wouldn’t mind shorts/sweatshirt weather. It’s so dang hot here even wearing the legal minimum is too much.

    Happy HNT – that hammock looks nice and comfy.

  2. Chapter Two says:

    it has been awful here- absolutely awful. I have been in pants and sweater all except maybe three days.

    glad you found a bit of sun? maybe?

  3. 13messages says:

    I hope you find the sun you need. We’ve got more than we’re ready for here in Tennessee.

    But you have a hammock and I don’t, so you have me wishing for that.


  4. Nice legs! We have lots of sun here but soon we’ll have 6 months of worrying about hurricanes! G-MA SAID “YA GOTTA TAKE THE BITTER WITH THE SWEET!”
    xoxo HHNT

  5. Osbasso says:

    I feel your pain. But I’ll take the coolness over tornadoes in New England and the midwest, or the heat/humidity of the east coast!

  6. Cheeky Minx says:

    If anything will tempt the sun, it’s you in that hammock.

    Here’s to the shine finding your gorgeous pins very soon… 🙂

  7. Maggie says:

    Let’s trade, please trade me! I prefer rain to 90s.

    Jealous of your hammock, looks relaxing.

  8. ?uestion says:

    Yea we have rain and high 90’s here. Humidity sucks.

    Oh and nice legs 😉

  9. love the colorful composition. Happy HNT!

  10. Lusting Lola says:

    I love this pic. Reminds me of lounging in the hammock in Costa Rica. I’m dreaming of sun, too. Summer, Please come quickly and stick around for awhile.

  11. Oh that looks relaxing! It’s totally not as hot as it normally is. I want summer!!

  12. Joker_SATX says:

    You would think that our wonderful government with their wonder troops Army Corp of engineers would figure out how to take all that rain and pump it down further south to us…

    We are in drought here…

  13. Come visit. It’s been disgustingly hot and humid here for a few days. Or just send your rain here. We need it. 🙂

  14. Lovely legs!
    My fingers are crossed. I’m in the Pacific NW too.

  15. Elle says:

    I live in an area that is especially changing, in terms of weather. The weather guessers are often wrong here too 😉 You can only rely on the predictions a day ahead, if at all. And the most annoying part is, we do get some sun. On weekdays. Then on weekends, typically, it rains. *sigh* Ah well, we have to enjoy the sun whenever we can, right?

    Pretty picture btw 🙂

  16. DCHY says:

    Been swimming often this week and getting plenty of sun. Yes, I am rubbing it in. 😉

  17. Just me... says:

    Great legs!!
    Wishing you the sun!!
    Would certainly ship you some of ours, 90’s for 5 days and counting!!

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