Erotic Morning Thoughts


He gave me a kiss good-bye before he left the house going to work.  I was still laying in bed, naked, snuggled under the covers, half dozing.

It had been a long weekend away.  A weekend where sex was far from my mind even though my body was clearly in the mood.  I kept having to push that want from my mind as I focused on the task at hand.  
But this morning as I lay there warm in bed, those wants flooded my mind.  
The memories of the spanking he gave me at the party. The feeling of his hand as it gave me warm-up slaps, then delivered some harder blows.  Hearing his voice in my ear as he told me what a good grrl I was.  Having a friend come and hold my hands as I took my spanking from him.  When he were done, I could feel my ass glowing.  I could feel the heat coming from it.  And I could feel some bruises as I sat upon the spanking bench kissing him and thanking him. Then he left me on an endorphin high as he went his way, and I went mine.
I slid my hand between my legs and slowly started to circle my clit with a finger as my mind wandered. I could feel my nipples harden as my arousal built.
I thought about the smell of his rope later on that night – the smell hit me as he uncoiled the hemp rope, readying it to be put on my body.  It was my rope even – he brought it with him just in case – which made me smile.  I took off my shirt, and he wrapped the rope around my rib cage, over my breasts, over my shoulders and into a harness. The smell, the way his hands felt as he laid the rope against my skin, and the tightness of the rope on my skin had me wiggly and aroused.
Then he left me that way as he went off again, telling me that he would unwrap me later.

I started to change the pace of which I was stroking my clit and squeezed a nipple as I continued.

Because later, when later came, he met me in the crowd and pulled me close to him by grabbing the rope harness and giving it a tug.  My mouth found his quickly – teeth and tongue intermixed as we kissed.  He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.  I closed my eyes and savored those feelings that I love – the feelings of submissions – the feeling that I’ve given him control over me – the trust I have given him.  His teeth found my neck as it was exposed, and he nibbled a path from my neck to my shoulder.  I moaned.  This dance of control continued until he led me away and untied me.

As I got closer to orgasm, I wished he was there in bed with me.  I wished he would come in quietly through the unlocked door, undress quickly, then slide between the sheets.  I knew he would take my nipple between his fingers and play with it in a way that would make me soaking wet.  I wanted the feel of his cock in my hand – in my mouth.  I wanted to feel him mouth on my body – biting me the way he does – the way that makes me moan.  Then I wanted him to fuck me.  Fuck me hard, then tease me a bit knowing what I really want but denying it.  I wanted to feel that buildup and that release – one he is so good at giving me.

And as I thought about those things – the night – what I wanted – I came hard – a release I have needed and been wanting.

In that post-orgasmic state, I decided that I needed to schedule a date with him so we can finish what we started the other night.

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