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I feel like I haven’t been around much lately.
Which isn’t too inaccurate. I mean, I’m popping in and out a lot these days.  Life has been busy even if I’m not working much right now.  Funny how that sort of happens.
My friend from college whose husband I found on Fetlife and I have been having some great talks lately. She and her husband are about 9 months into the open relationship thing and the kink thing.  We had lunch last week when I told her about the whole HSV fun.  She is a medically trained person, so her reaction was pretty much “so, 80% of people are undiagnosed and have either 1 or 2”.  Then we had another beer and talked about some funny situations happening with mutual friends.
G and I were talking the other day how happy we are for her and her husband.  They both seem so relaxed and happy now that they are doing this and are open about it.  We enjoy hanging out with them again.  It’s funny how something so simple can lift them out of the negative.  Good stuff.
This past weekend was zombie weekend for the family.  There was a spring zombie walk, and DJ and her friend Miss O were ubber excited to go to it.  Friday night, we sent Indigo to bed and let the girls watch Zombieland.  They took notes.  And laughed their asses off.
We sent them to bed, and unbeknownst to us, they started making their costumes.  They were zombie roller derby girls.  They did an awesome job.  And had a blast getting their costume ready all day Saturday until we left for the walk.  At the walk, they looked great and had so much fun shuffling through the streets.  The funniest moment was when one of the people walking down the street got seriously freaked out by the small zombie hoard.
After the walk, we went home, and the girls insisted that we show Zombieland to Miss O’s dad Domenico.  He loved it as much as the rest of us.   So when plans unexpectedly changed, we watched is Sunday too so that his wife (Lili) could see it.  Zombieland is one of those movies that is just a great one to watch over and over again as you will notice more and more each time.  And its still funny.
The VW bus has an engine!! After some issues, they got it fixed and back into the bus.  Keep your fingers crossed that all keeps going forward. A running bus would ROCK!
Monday we had a fun day together.  Lili and Domenico were supposed to have a track day to celebrate her birthday, but it was cancelled due to flooding.  G was supposed to go be her umbrella boy. So, we stayed here and wandered around marveling at the fact nothing is open on Monday.  Then we spent a great lunch together playing Jenga with Miss O and enjoying the company of everyone.
We rounded the afternoon off with puppy piles and relaxing.  Then dinner and birthday cake and cuddles.
I like how well we all get along together.  Our energy, our comfort level, the way the kids interact…..they are just like part of the family.  I like that.
So now I have to figure out how much work I have this week.  I need a bit more than I have been getting recently.  May have to draw the line with the current place and engage with my contract company again.  Good times.
So that’s what’s been going on around here.
Great fun – lots of happy stuff.
I like it when that happens.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    With all the doom and gloom around the internets lately, this was a welcomed…refreshing post.

  2. DCHY says:

    I loved Zombieland so much that I bought a copy the day after I returned my rental copy. My wife and I do the double tap on each other. 😉

  3. Happy is good. I love to see my friends happy!

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