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I’ve been excited for Friday all week. Why? It’s SEAF weekend!!

SEAF is the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.  And we have tickets thanks to Lili who gave them to me as a birthday present.  Tonight we drive up. Then Saturday is our fun. I’m so looking forward to seeing the art, but also spending time with G, Lili and Domenico.

I know a few people in the art, so I’m quite excited to see how it turns out.

And I’m also excited there will be an overnight babysitter so we can have fun all night.  What can I say, I’m squirmy just thinking about it.

And apparently the rapture is Saturday?  I guess we’ll be doing stuff that pretty much guarantees which way things will go for us.

But first, I have lots to do.  Dogs to get vaccinated and kenneled.  Packing to do.  Oh, and I actually have to work today for about an hour or so.

I am happy that I got a bunch of yard work stuff done this week.  We’ve actually had some sun AND warm days the last few days.  No rain or fall-like weather.  I was able to tackle the yard and mow the jungle.  The grass was so high that the chickens were getting lost in it.

The VW bus is getting closer to running. I’m being optimistic.  They tried to start it last night, but have a wiring issue. Not a big surprise given they finished wiring it in the dark with a flashlight. Not exactly ideal.  I’m just happy that it’s getting worked on and progress is being made.  It may run again.   If not, he wants this instead:

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. The festival sounds good. I wonder what kind of food they serve at an erotic arts festival. Do they go for the obviously phallic or serve food with aphrodiasic capabilities.

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