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I don’t recall how I found her site, but when I did, I felt like I came late to the party. Sadie was just announcing how she was going to give up alcohol. I was taken back by her boldness to share such a powerful thing. Her honesty and her openness had me continuing to read.

That honesty and openness wasn’t limited to her blog – her book is written with that same honesty and openness. Part confession – part self-examination, Sadie Smythe takes the reader through her journey – from the discovery of orgasm on a banana seat bike on a cobble stone road through a more recent conversation with her and her therapist. And amid the stories, she shares nuggets of truth she has discovered along the way.

She is very brave to share her ups and downs. I must admit that while reading her journey sometimes, I wanted to take that Sadie at that time out for a coffee and a heart-to-heart talk. That being said, Sadie owns her journey – she examines where she went wrong – and you can see how she changes her thinking along the way.

I mentioned her nuggets of truth along the way? She has some great ones. The first one that caught my eye was around soul mates. I’ve never been a believer in just one – so it rang true. She had others about jealousy, about marriage for everyone, the marital bed, and many others. Her insights were thought provoking.

For me, the only thing I found distracting were some of the explanations about the other lifestyles – lifestyles that are under the open umbrella but are unique in their own rite. But, then again, I am well versed in swinging and BDSM – so I found the explanations unnecessary. That being said, I can understand how some readers may not understand – or have preconceived notions that are incorrect. The explanation would have created more thought for that audience.

Overall, Sadie’s book is worth the read. While there are books out there that talk theoretical, it is nice reading about someone’s actual journey. I would say “journey in an open relationship”, but, to be honest, it really is Sadie’s journey. The open part is just an element of it.

Go get your copy, by visiting Sadie.

Full disclosure:
Sadie provided me a review copy of her book for the purpose of this book tour.  

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  1. DCHY says:

    Just so I understand…Sadie talks about having an open marriage and her experiences of that?

  2. waywardrider says:

    I was very excited to jump in and buy this book… until I realized it is only available as an eBook. Disappointed I can’t get a hard copy.

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