Photos: The Reservoir


The girls and I hiked around one of the many Portland reservoirs.  Here are some images from the hike. I should mention that these are open reservoirs – no covers – nothing but signs and a guard.

I was reading an article about perspective on photos.  I decided to play around with that a bit with this photos.

I love this sign – THIS IS YOUR DRINKING WATER!!!
Only thing missing is: “you dumb ass”

I was learning against the wall when I shot this photo. It has this weird curve.  It should be turned, but we decided to keep it as is.

My drinking water.

One of the old buildings near the reservoir.

The underside of a fern

Loved the pink flowers on this random bush.

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  1. 13messages says:

    I dig your eye for photography so much.

  2. I have done photography for over 30 yrs and even made a living at it. So, when I say that I see some good images. I mean, I see some quality shit.

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