Photo: Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery

While wandering the city today, we happened to be in the area of the Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery – a cemetery which is on the historical registry.  The first burials in the cemetery occurred in 1846, so the history as you go through it is pretty amazing.

I find cemeteries interesting. I find them peaceful. I find they tell a story about the times in which people lived and died as well as the people themselves.  We wandered through looking at the markers. The clusters of children who died at birth from the same family. The stones where the names have eroded away but the date of their death has not.

These markers were throughout the cemetery.  They are stones made in the shape of a tree stump – like someone had cut off the branches.  Woodman of the World is a fraternal organization – and one of the missions was the ensure no member was buried in an unmarked grave.  They were pretty amazing to see throughout.

This is a little monument that someone has created on an old marker that was under a large pine tree. It had a mask, a comb, some flowers, and like candies.  
This marker was made from wood. It almost looked like stone given its age. It was pretty amazing it was not more worn given it was in a wooded are.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    Maybe what I need to do is a project 365 like a lot of other people. I am truly envious of the creativity I see out there with a camera….

    These pics are great. If you have any doubt that any of your readers are appreciating them, please realize that I treat them as a breath of fresh air every time I read your posts.

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