Motivational Monday #1

I have to remember this one myself sometimes. I want things from people without telling them – and when I don’t get it, I think it is for a reason – they don’t have the same feelings I do. In the end, they are just giving me what I need – just not in the way I wanted.  Never means they didn’t love or appreciate me – juste means they showed it differently.

This is one for men.  Men, generally speaking, jump into problem solving mode when a woman in their life is having problems.  They focus on the problem – and not the person.  Never forget the person. Because sometimes it isn’t the problem that needs solving that will make the person happy.  Sometimes it is being held, being talked to, being listened to – that makes the person happy. Problem be damned.  
YES!! There are many times in my own life where I push the discomfort away, take a deep breath, and dive right in.  You know what I find? It is never as bad as I had imagined.  And, most of the time, it is a better end result than if I hadn’t done that.  
We can be our own worst enemies – so don’t believe if cannot be done.  Believe instead that you are the one who CAN do it while others don’t believe that.  
Happy is a good thing to be when you grow up. 

AMEN! Might I suggest Plants vs Zombies to get your zombie killing fix? 
Or at least watch Zombieland.  

Wanna have fun? Tell someone this today. 
Make someone’s Monday because everyone wants to be wanted – in that way too.
Hope you kick Monday’s ass today!

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  1. Babe Lincoln says:

    Nice way to start a Monday morning… loved every one! Have a good week : )

  2. DCHY says:

    You totally touched base on several things in your post…

    I jump in to try to fix things for my wife…because I think that’s how I show my love for her. She just wants to be heard and held. I gotta remember that.

    The whole Alice/Mad Hatter impossible thing? I use the Chinese proverb on my Facebook account – The person saying it is impossible should never interrupt the person doing the impossible. 😉

    I own BOTH Zombieland and Plants vs Zombies. I always remember the Double Tap rule. Hehe

    I’ll try to tell others that they are in my inappropriate thoughts…sadly you are not. LOL

  3. Autumn says:

    Emmy, this post made me feel so good today. thank you so much for that! the first quote is posted on my friend Maggie’s fridge. i absolutely adore the 5 year old’s very on life. it really is key. all so thoughtful and wonderful. have a great monday!

    loves autumn

  4. Joker_SATX says:

    These are good. I really like them!

  5. Yeah, that whole, simply respecting that they have a problem bit is difficult at times. In guys defenses though, the third or fourth time we hear about a problem, I think we’re within our rights to say ‘Honey, I hear you. I love you. But fix it or shut up about it.’. I’m husband if the year ain’t I! ;-p

    ALL my thoughts are appropriate. Some are just appropriately dirty. And some involve lube. And paddles. And semen. But never in a crass or heavy-handed manner!

    Happy, is always they key.

  6. I love the comfort zone quote. It might be my favorite.

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