Bubble of Solitude

When he and I are together sometimes, it seems we are able to create sort of a bubble of solitude around us – a period of time during the loud bar or restaurant where it seems that the loud and the noise and the people melt away and it is just us.  
The first time I consciously noticed it happened, we went out on a date.  It had been too long since he and I had been out together – so we got dressed up and went out for a night together.  Sitting in the bar, he turned to me and kissed me – long, deep, and slowly.  And in that moment, the place was silent. The people lurking to get our booth were gone.  It was just him and I – alone – in that booth.  I came back to earth  momentarily when I realized his hand had traveled into my shirt and found an erect nipple to squeeze. He broke the kiss momentarily – said “no one will see” into my mouth – then we resumed our make out session – and the bubble of solitude came back.  I didn’t care – nothing else was important – just me and him.
The other night, the same thing happened again.  We were in a loud, crowded bar with heavy metal music blaring across the speaker system.  The first time, he snaked his hand up under my hair and grabbed it close to the scalp. The sensation of that act just makes me melt – it gives me a total feeling of surrender – of possession.  I relaxed back into it, my eyes closed and a smile on my lips, when I heard, “did you guys want something from the bar”.  He dismissed the waitress and chuckled – wondering aloud what she thought of the state he had me in.  I could care less – I was in heaven.  His chuckle was because he knew it.
During intermission, it happened again. Our bubble came down around us – and it was just me and him – kissing and slyly groping in the middle of the bar.  He had slid his hand into my bra as my hair was draped down as we kissed.  He squeezed a nipple as our kissing deepened.  I slid my hand up his leg and found his cock hard and ready – so I stroked it subtly through his pants.  The entire time, we were surrounded by people. The women who were sharing our table with us left, and new people took their place.  I didn’t notice.  There was a group of people who were standing right behind me for a better view….of the stage…..and again I had no idea.  The music was gone.  The people were gone. It was just him and me – in our own bubble of solitude.  This continued throughout the intermissions.  And just has he had whispered “let’s get out of here”, the show started again and popped the bubble.  I became aware of what had happened during our own interlude of sorts.  And I giggled to myself wondering who had seen what – and not really caring.
I don’t know how it is that together we are able to create these bubbles of solitude. I can honestly say I have never had them with others I’ve been with. I don’t know if it is the boundaries I’ve had in public with others that have prevented us from having those moments.  Or maybe it is simply the dynamic that he and I share – his dominant tendencies coupled with his knowledge of my buttons and how to push them.  
To be honest, I don’t care how.
I enjoy them – I enjoy them way too much to worry or care.
I just wonder when the next time I can have one is with the hope that it can carry us to greater fun later.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    This is Awesome. I have had moments where I have had those blinders on but I will tell you, they are too few and too far between. Good on you chica!

  2. Ms Scarlett says:

    That feeling is the best thing ever… and when it happens, it’s just so amazing…

    Great post!

  3. Vixen says:

    I know exactly what you are talking about!!! When my studmuffin friend was in a few wkends back it was that same ‘bubble’ you were referring to.

    Love that!


  4. Maggie says:

    Bubbles of solitude, and the people in them, are wonderful.

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