A New Week – A New Job


TL texted me yesterday afternoon:
“So are you employed …. or not?”

Clearly I left many people hanging with the status of this part of my life.


I am technically still employed.

On a project that has about 15hrs a week.

Yeah, good times.

The problem is the fact they need someone with my expertise, but no one wants to approve the expense to hire someone for that role.  I mean, that’s why they pay software maintenance, right?

So this is a case where they have to let shit break – and get all crazy – so that someone realizes they need my help.  So far, there have been two crises which have required my assistance. The one on Saturday was my favorite.  Nothing like getting a freak out via text message while at the grocery store.  As I’m shopping, I’m lecturing them on why they need to read emails.  Before I left Thursday, I gave them a step by step outline of what to do and by whom.  Yeah, they didn’t read it.

So, I’m working on a new project. A 6-week project.  A 15-hr a week project.  It’s all good though.  I could use the downtime.  And all is good…..

…..for now

So, that’s where things are at.  More hours could get added as there are two other projects they need my expertise on.  None will get me to 30hrs a week for now.  We’ll see how it goes overall.

If in 6 weeks, they are still fucking around…..

…then I’ll find something new.  We’ll see what happens, I guess.

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  1. DCHY says:

    Maybe you should remind them that you will charge them a consulting fee which amounts to 1/4 of your weekly salary each and every time you are “consulted” outside of your work hours…. 😉

  2. Hubman says:

    While the reduced hours (and money) blows, it’s a great time of year to embrace the extra free time and enjoy yourself, right?

    I’ve got a job change of my own coming up, I’m waiting for it to start before writing about it…

  3. Oh come now, did you really expect them to read it? Perhaps I’m cynical, but the main difference I’ve seen between adults and children in regards to following instructions isn’t that adults do it any better they just are more self-righteous about why they don’t have ‘time’ to do so 🙂

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