Wednesday Wanderings through My Mind

  • Monday at work, the director who has decided I am no longer needed reminded me and everyone in the room that I was gone in two weeks and it was time to start transitioning things.  It was a strange series of comments that made everyone in the room uncomfortable.  I personally stopped taking action items at that point, and unceremoniously tossed my notebook and pen on the table to make sure it was noted.  I mean, if they are having to learn to live without me, why are they giving me action item?  She is clearly threatened by me and how it could impact her ability to build her empire.  (She’s a director with no direct reports – a solo branch on a reporting tree.)  Sadly, she does not know the crap I went through at my last company. I know the game and how to play it – extremely well.  Game on.

I will have to say, there is a part of me that hopes they don’t renew my contract.  I could use some time off again – and I would have time for nooners and other middle of the day fun.  So, there is some temptation in not working too hard on keeping this job. Then I look at the bill for things like taekwondo testing and realize it may just be a fantasy.  

Yesterday I was having one of those days where my head was getting me into trouble. A friend from the past would call it the “too much thinking, not enough drinking” days.  Every single thing on my mental check list of things bugging me or churning around inside my noggin’ was dispelled as issues within three hours.  Every single one of them.  That never happens. I do credit it to me saying something to a friend who asked what was bouncing around. Speak it out loud and it helps, I guess.  Who knows. It was a pleasant surprise – all of it.  Life is good.
DJ is freaking out about her black belt test this weekend.  She told me a few days ago, she doesn’t think she will pass it – but she’s okay with that.  I told her to stop thinking that way. I knew she could and would pass it, and I did not want her starting to accept failure before she even had a chance to try.  Do not self-fulfill that prophecy. We talked about the times she surprised herself by being able to do something she didn’t think she could.  She is so much like me, it is funny in that way.  But it’s good. I know how to flip switches to get her change her thinking.  I reminded her about how “bad she was at math”.  Like me, it took a teacher telling her she could do it to get her to see she could do it.  She is now in the highest math group at school.  
We talked about those things. You could see the gears in her brain starting to turn and her thinking starting to shift. DJ rocks. I could go into a long drawn out description as to why – but simply put, she does.  And be assured, this is not a parental love fest – others agree.  I want her to do this one. She has worked her ass off to get here. She has embraced and changed through the experience.  She has already earned it in my opinion – now she needs to prove to herself that she has earned it.  
Plus, I want to see how they fit her name on that black belt.
Lastly, I saw this and decided based on my own experience that this is true…

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    I agree with all posted here. I am amazed at how some management works….

  2. Hubman says:

    @ Joker- management works? I had no idea!

    Good luck to DJ this weekend, I hope she nails the test

    And I’m still trying to wrap my brain around a director who has no direct reports….

  3. I would like to be the observer in the game. My money is on you winning and the director being reduced to a quivering puddle.

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