POD – Week in Pictures

The first blooms on the flowering plum trees.
The wall ‘o drugs at the chiro’s office. All twigs and berries
Nothing like some black Kinesio athletic tape to go along with boots, a short shirt and fishnets that I wore to the monthly kink party at the local swingers club.  
I LOVE my new macro lens.  
Our plum tree in bloom during a brief moment of sun 
The 3D wooden puzzle of a dragon and a rider that the girls put together. It took them about 4hrs to do – and kept them out of trouble.  (I love my macro lens.)
Love the after effects of the water drop
Rain on the flower leaf
The cake pops were a learning experience – yummy, but a learning experience.

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  1. V says:

    As always, your pictures are lovely – such a good eye! Funny about the cake pops – I found the directions for them online just last week and have been thinking about making a bouquet of them for L for his birthday. Were they difficult to make?

  2. Hubman says:

    I love the macro shots and I’m dying to know, what lens did you get?

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