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Because I am having to upload most of my gallery for a second time. I noticed a week ago that I hadn’t updated my watermark on my photos, so I’m still living in 2010. An update required a republish of all of my photos in that gallery. A nice feature, but a slow process when you have a lot of photos in the gallery.  So, while it takes its sweet time republishing those photos and the news ones, I created a quick collage for the week’s photos.

Upper left is me in bed on my sick day.

Next to it are the pair of shoes that were tossed out onto the lawn of the neighbor. I love the Fuck You toes.

Next to it in the upper right is the view from the accounting manager’s window in the new office. I told him I was coming back on a clear day to get a photo of Mt Hood.  It’s gorgeous – and if I sat on that side of the building, I suspect I wouldn’t mind the fact I’m so close to the window and so far up.

Lower left is Indigo on her pogo stick. She has figured out how to get some amazing height on the thing.  I think she spent 2 hrs on it today.  I like it because I can hear her from the house.

The photo of the man with the mustache and the one below it go together. My in-laws sent a card from Hungary for DJ’s upcoming birthday. The bill is worth 500 forint which is roughly $2.50 USD. I read the card after DJ went to bed.  “Buy something nice” were their instructions to her.  I found DJ and asked her if that was all they sent her. She laughed and said they had also included a $20 USD bill.  Good. I could tell they weren’t joking. And despite how big of a jerk they can be, I knew they wouldn’t be that bad.

The last two are one of the pillars at the Japanese WWII memorial showing the Japanese Americans who served in the US military. The other represents those Japanese Americans who were interned during the war.  The last one is the bag that Indigo got DJ at the Saturday Market – a monster bag made from muppet fur.  DJ is wearing it and petting it since she got it.  Her monster’s name is Stella – they each come named.  It’s pretty cool actually. 

To see the full pictures – click on the collage above which will take you to the gallery.

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  1. suburbanslut says:

    Does it reveal what a geek I am that I knew that was a Hungarian bill? And the exchange rate is even more dismal than when I was there.

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