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Thank you to everyone who commented (and sent me email and IMs) yesterday about my post. I truly appreciate the support and comments.  They all made me smile.

In all honesty, I have considered stepping back a bit as I figure out what’s going on in my head and in my world. May happen yet, I’m not sure. I’m leaving it as an option.  Until then, you may just get random ramblings from my head.  And lucky you, today is one of those days.

I found out late last week that my dad had the intention of moving out here only for a finite amount of time.  Maybe 2-3 years was all.  When he gets frustrated with life, he has visions of life being better in Iowa and threatens to move back. None of us understood it. I’m sorry, but Iowa (especially where I grew up) is not the land of opportunity and/or prosperity.  My mom had someone comment to her a few weeks ago that this person would be sad to see them move back.  This was news to my mom who flipped.  My dad hasn’t mentioned it in a while because my mom said next time he does, she’ll pack him a bag and he can leave.  I must be rubbing off on my mom because she never would have done that in the past.  Guess the power of grandkids has also modified her thinking too.

T-10 days until DJ’s black belt test.  She is kicking ass so far in terms of knowing the forms and all.  She is finishing her essay and doing the test.  She has almost two hours of “boot camp” coming up Saturday.  I suspect she is one of the best prepared. It is times like this when I totally understand why my dad during my softball games would pace the fence chain smoking.  How nerve wracking as a parent – wanting to see your kid succeed, knowing they can do it, and having to watch and cheering from the sidelines.

T-40 days until my first running event of the year. Bridge to Brews – 10K. Now that the light has returned, my running kicks up again. Being registered for it already does help motivate me.  Gotta get my running partner moving too.

Today is Ash Wednesday. If you encounter someone with a smudge on their foreheads, don’t wipe it off for them. It’s supposed to be there.  And, some can get quite angry as G found out in college.  He got smacked with a pool cue by my college roommate after he did it.  He learned two lessons that day – not to erase someone’s cross and not to piss off my roommate while she has a pool cue or a fork or in kicking distance.  It is why tomorrow is Chalk Thursday in our circle of friends – he tried to fix it the next day by giving her a pool cue chalk cross to celebrate the sacred day of Chalk Thursday.  I’ve mentioned G is a Buddhist, haven’t I?

Speaking of G, he is ready for spring break, I think.  He has a hard group of kids this year who are like toddlers – testing the boundaries every which way trying to find weakness.  Except they are teenagers with evil plots to get back at the teachers.  He cited the several month long battle with one kid over her locker. She was contending not everything could fit and was doing lots of shitty things to prove her point.  Suddenly, everything now fits into it without a battle. And that exemplifies the whole year so far.  He is fed up with it as you can imagine.  Lay on top of it the fact that nothing he has done with them has gone as planned due to the same bullshit.  He is beyond done. Hopefully Spring Break in a few weeks will give him some time to relax and regroup.  The stress is definitely getting to him.

I saw this the other day, and after a discussion I had with a friend recently, I thought I would share it.  I think it is so true. We often spend so much time trying to figure out what we want that we forgot that it’s good to understand what we don’t want just as well.

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  1. Stumptown says:

    I like your picture. It is so true!

  2. Good luck on the belt test, and the picture is awesome and so true!

  3. Love the coin toss thing. Never thought about it but so true.

  4. Mr. Chien says:

    Great quote! I’m going to post this up on my wall 🙂

    Regarding ramblings, I don’t mind reading them, as long as you like to share, I like to read. It always fascinating for me to read other people’s writing and their lives.

    Haven’t been commenting much on your photos, but they’re great! I wish I have the time or that much devotion on my portfolio, I’m still getting used to have a family and working at a higher position in my company. I post mostly only my Project 365 work as that’s the only thing that pushes me to carry my camera everywhere and I don’t even have time to do the posting daily.

  5. Vixen says:

    I just used that pic on my FB page the other day 🙂

    I’m glad you are able to get back into running.

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