A Negotiated Spanking

An over-the-knee spanking was discussed and agreed upon – but that was just the start. A discussion about pain versus intimacy, technique, and boundaries were all even more thoroughly discussed after he found us a room. It was an opportunity that happened to fill a need that I had – a need for a spanking. A need for someone to give me a way to release the tension from the past week – to give me that physical release that running and other more usual means had not accomplished in giving me. A release that I knew a spanking would give me.

He asked me if I was wearing panties. I was not. I rarely do under skirts or dresses. This pleased him as he was looking forward to simply laying me across his lap and lifting my skirt to deliver the spanking.

I have never played with a safe word before – or a word that tells the person delivering the spanks that he can keep going – or go harder. But, as I laid across his lap, I had both.

And being my cocky self, I doubted I needed either.

I couldn’t help but wiggle the moment I took my position. The anticipation of what was to come coupled with the excitement made me unable to stay still. As I wiggled a bit, he started warming me up – light, gentle slaps to awaken the skin and get the endorphins going a bit. He spread them out from my upper thigh to my ass itself – never seemingly striking the same place twice. And as he did it, I continued to wiggle, enjoying the sensation but eagerly anticipating when he would deliver the first real swat.

Right when I was on the verge of using the word to tell him to step-it-up-a-notch, he gave me the first one. And with it came the moan from my lips. He started delivering swats in earnest right there.

While before, he was careful not to overlap them, he took great pride is swatting the same spot twice or three times before moving on. Clearly, he was enjoying marking my fair skin which turns a wonderful shade of red when a slap is delivered.

The slaps turned from stings to more of thudy – and I wiggled and moaned through them all. It was exactly what I had been needing.

“Stand up,” he commanded me – and I complied without thinking.

“On the bed – on all fours.”

I followed without a second thought – wondering briefly what was to come next.

I didn’t wonder for long when I felt the skirt of my dress lift and the spankings resumed. This position allowed him to use both hands equally – giving me no chance to catch my breath between as the sting and burning from each strike just built upon themselves in intensity. Intermixed between the sounds of hand striking skin, my moans rose.

I was no longer able to move or wiggle between strikes as his hand was on my shoulder then drifted to my neck and head briefly. I wanted him to grab my neck or hair to keep me from moving, but we had not negotiated that. He was respecting and staying in bounds, and I couldn’t find my voice or else I’d have given him permission.

“On your back,” was his next command, “Grab those boots and do not let go.”

And as when I immediately got into position, he muttered, “That’s a good girl.”

This position gave him more access to my ass, and the swats were delivered with both hands again. He paused as he rubbed one across my pussy, “oh, a wet girl – I like that.”

He paused at my pussy – fingers poised to slide inside, “how many fingers can my good girl take?” he asked.

“As many as you’ll give me,” I managed to reply.

“Ooo, you are a slutty girl too. Are you a slutty girl?”

“Yes, I ..” was all I got out of my mouth as his fingers slid inside me.

He finger fucked me as he periodically delivered more swats to my already red ass.

“Touch your pussy for me” was his next command that I followed immediately without thinking.

“Such a dirty girl,” he complimented before saying, “Now show me your tit.”

I was wearing a dress that was pretty accessible, so it didn’t take me much to expose my tit for him.

For the second time, I could tell his hesitation. I could tell he wanted to go further, but it was not negotiated. Then he abandoned his restraint and squeezed a nipple.

“Too hard?” he checked in.


“How hard do you like it?”

“Really hard.” His response to that answer was positive. He continued to finger fuck me as I touched my clit – the sensation of having my nipple played with sent me over the edge. And I did something I rarely do….

“Oh, a squirter girl too! Very nice!!”

From there, we started winding down. He told me to lay back as he grabbed a towel, then he stretched out beside me and pulled me into his chest. I cuddled up and let myself come down. He reassured me that I could take as long as I needed. He stroked my hair and asked if he could kiss me. After my agreement, he gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

We sat and talked for a bit longer. I thanked him for the spanking. He said he enjoyed it himself, then he told me that I already had some great marks. He asked if we could play at the upcoming kink weekend. I told him we could definitely arrange something as I would be there.

We walked out together to find my friend I had been with earlier. When we met up with her, he asked me to show her his handiwork. I lifted my skirt near the bar and showed her. Then he gave me a hug, thanked me again, and we departed.

I didn’t feel the spanking much until I got into my car. The cold leather seats on my ass felt so wonderful – and I realized how warm it was – and how sore it was already starting to get.

Love that.

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  1. DCHY says:

    Ohh, what a story!

  2. Made me squirm a little. I suspect that I’ll have a wet spot soon. Loved how he made you show your friend at the bar. 🙂

  3. That sounds like you had an awesome evening. I hope your bottom was not too sore for too long.

  4. (hot)
    Sounds like you got the release you needed.

  5. Ooo, loved that.
    Made me flushed. Love when a lover takes full control and plays me.

  6. Bella says:

    This made me squirm in a very good way.

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