Week in Review – Sunday Edition

I was going to write this Friday, but then something else came out of my fingers as I sat down at the keyboard.

Then Saturday was just a day of activity.

So, Sunday it is.

This summarizes my work week nicely.  There is a particular accounting manager who was driving me nuts.  Her overly emotional response was just killing me.  Try to help her reduce her workload in one area by 80%, and her response was give me a 100% reduction or give me nothing.  Then she would go off and rant about how no one understands the hell she’s going through, blah, blah, blah.

I tweeted the following in response to one of these discussions:

“All an ‘all or nothing’ attitude yields is frustration and nothing.”

I took Friday off after they drove me crazy all week. I feel for her. I really do. But damn it, let me help you then. Instead, I get to watch her sabotage things with her team, other teams, and the consultants. And no one wins that one.
The one thing about work this week that was good was the fact we moved into the new office. They gave the person with a fear of heights the giant window cube – on the 14th floor. Sadly, I cannot enjoy the view as other can. I was worried how this crew would adjust moving into an all cubicle environment. So far, so good. The white noise generator in the background helps tremendously. As do my headphones. The only downside so far seems to be the horribly slow elevators – which is a result of the security on each floor. Minor price to pay.

Cookie hell continues to be in full effect. A girl that is new to the troop sold 200 boxes of cookies.  My troop overall sold 300 before this order.  Tomorrow, I’m off to get more cookies for this girl.  I guess I should be thankful. The girls want an overnight at the zoo as their prize.  They are definitely earning the money for one.

Thank you all for your comments on Friday’s post.  I appreciated the feedback.
I still kind of shake my head at the fact I have hit this point – that we have hit this point of not caring so much about it as we have.  Like I said, it’s a nice feeling.
Yesterday, we had a cable internet technician at the house trying to figure out why our cable internet was not working suddenly.  While he and I are in the basement trying to sort it out, my visiting family members, their friends and G were upstairs in the kitchen talking.  Suddenly, the tech and I both hear G say something about “porn”.  I glance over at the tech to see what his reaction was, and you could see his eyes sparkle with amusement as he’s trying to not show that he’s recognizing the word.

G mentioned porn like 4 more times, and I bursted out laughing.  “Did he say ‘corn’?” was the tech’s question to me in a chuckle.  “If it helps you, we can pretend it was.” He laughed and said it was the strangest conversation he had overheard.  Between the porn talk and the fact I was openly celebrating the fact the issue was not my issue but their issue (which they argued with me about on the phone the day before), the tech declared this stop his most entertaining of the day.

After he left, I went upstairs and asked them all if they were really talking about porn.  Yes, they were talking about the porn comics one famous artist had drawn in the early days. I relayed how that conversation was heard down in the basement, much to everyone’s amusement.

And on that note, I leave you with this thought:

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. That Girl says:

    funny post 🙂 a little embarrasing, but funny.

  2. I love the 1st sign. I want it for a plaque for my desk, but sadly when you work in HR you have to be a positive message person.

  3. Vixen says:

    “Did he say ‘corn’?” was the tech’s question to me in a chuckle. “If it helps you, we can pretend it was.”

    Ahahaha….ok. That’s funny.

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