POD – Photo Walk with DJ

DJ and I went for a walk this afternoon after she got out of school.  We talked about Egypt “and the dude that made the people mad by shutting off the Internet and refusing to step down”.  We talked about her class. And she asked me how the camera works – and the different settings.  I showed her how changing them can improve or hurt the picture.  And she threw pinecones at me as I took photos. (To be fair, I started it.)  Oh, and she started asking me when she could have things I was wearing.  You know, because I didn’t want them anymore.  Clearly, she has a list of what of mine she plans on stealing.  And it begins.  It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

ivy on the sound wall next to the freeway near out house

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  1. Mr. Chien says:

    Great pics, especially the flowers and the vine. I can’t wait to go out for photo walks when the weather gets warmer

  2. Advizor54 says:

    Besides the fantastic pictures, as always, I love the interaction with DJ. That will last long after the pictures are forgotten.

  3. Just me... says:

    I love those kinds of conversations with DD! :):)

  4. Maggie says:

    I was in a theatre Friday night that used to be something else and one of the inside walls reminded me of the kind of photo you would take. Then I came home and saw this, the wall is reminiscent of that first pic. 🙂

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