POD – Cookie Hell

Even the dog is fed up with the cookie hell.  Sorted – now to be delivered – I hope – tomorrow – to parents who will be responsible for making sure they get paid for.  I hate cookies.  I only had 33 cases for my girls.  My cohort had to pick up 225 cases.   My hell, I guess, is more like purgatory compared to here fun.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    Fundraisers…ya gotta love ’em

  2. Just me... says:

    There are days when I think I ought encourage DD to join Girl Scouts… This picture reminds me of why I don’t!! Enjoy!! 🙂

  3. In my daughter’s troop the leaders don’t manage the two fundraisers. One of the other moms volunteer to be ‘cookie mom’ and ‘nut mom’. Mmmm ‘nut mom’ is kinda hot…just saying…anywhoo…yeah fundraisers blow. But most people actually like GS cookies, so I don’t feel too bad about that one.

  4. DCHY says:

    At least THOSE are manageable. Try delivering pizzas bought through fundraising! We had to find a van to handle the size and we knew better than to have them “upright”. 😉

  5. Dana says:

    *GASP* Thin Mints …

  6. Hubman says:

    My cookie hell way when I was about 10 yrs old, my sister the girl scout was 8 and my mom was dumb enough to be the “cookie mom”. We had 50+ cases in the living room and I couldn’t touch even a single cookie!

  7. Vixen says:

    I didn’t realize it was GS cookie time! YAY!!! …for me. Sorry…I do sympathize with your hell.

  8. Mr. Smith says:

    Too funny,. Right there with you on our end. even the dog looks overwhelmed!

  9. I should print and keep a copy of that photo in case I ever get any crazy ideas about being a cookie mom.

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