POD – A Week in Pictures

I was drinking one beer when G brought me the other. Double fisting it, as it were.
Think Day Treat for their study of Egypt. Didn’t happen because of the great snow event of 2011.  Yeah, there was no snow that day. These are walnuts with orange marzipan dipped in caramelized sugar. According to the Egyptian cultural site, this recipe dates back to Cleopatra who would feed these to her lover to revitalize him post-sex.  Yeah, I’m skipping that part when we talk about it next week. They aren’t too bad. Hell, G is even eating them, and he hates walnuts….or he’s building up his vitality for something soon.
Or the view at 3am when your 8 year old gets up and discovers it is snowing out and sleeping with a spoon under her pillow was working.  It was a long LONG night.
Snowy tree. Last time we had the tree full of snow, it was also full of unhappy robins.
Indigo wanted to ride her bike today.  Instead, she pogo’d….in the snow.
My christmas gift from my brother was a keg of homebrew – an IPA. It’s great.  He just didn’t carbonate it before he gave it to me. I’ve spent most of the week with the CO2 pumped up shaking this cornelius keg.  Finally – the persistence paid off. It isn’t bad. Smells hoppier than it is.  Decent though. 

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  1. That Girl says:

    yum. homebrew. love that stuff! hate the snow….

  2. Our kids are so sick of snow now. If we have one more snow event, they are going to lose their cookies.

    I like the two fisted beering.

  3. Ashly Star says:

    This post makes me happy we’re done with having snow and also makes me want a beer. Great pictures, as usual. 🙂

  4. Mr. Smith says:

    Love a great Beer Shot! People always look at me weird when I’m setting u a couple pints on the bar, trying to get a framework and back ground – then snap a few pictures. Ah well..

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