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I rarely go out and look to see how people get to my blog. If I do, it is usually a result of a huge spike in traffic that makes me wonder where are they all coming from.

When I do go look at the sources of my blog traffic, I usually hit the search terms first. Why? Because of the entertainment value, of course.

I mean, when someone got to your blog via the search phrase “fuck my labia”, you have to be entertained.  So here is my search word list, in no particular order

  • different fuck
  • tongue on my clit
  • rope bondage artist 
  • porn comics
  • monogamy lack of interest
  • a different kind of fuck blog
  • “grabbed my” fuck orgasm
  • “fuck me hard” blogspot 2011
  • “I’m so wet” blog
  • egyptian fucked me my pussy then blog 
  • “open marriage” “my husband” sex
  • fuck my labia
I also love the variations my blog name that get people here. 
  • RTW
  • RTWS and Emmy
  • RTWS and Comcast (a result of a blog post like 2 years ago)
  • right turn no signaling bog
  • right turn in angles 
Then there are the two blog posts that always seem to land people on my site.  The first is my happy birthday Dilbert post which is from like 2 years ago.  And the other is the ladder of accountability one which is also several years old.  Wonder how many have gotten shocks landing here, reading the post, then looking around.  That thought entertains me.
While I was at it, I decided to look to see who people are coming to me from – which other sites were referring their traffic to my blog.  A big thank you must go out to:
  • – a site that picked up a story of mine via eLust and sent a whole bunch of traffic to me.  A whole shitload of traffic!
  • e[lust] – participation and reposting as required does have its privileges. 
  • Veronica – your blog sends me a lot of traffic – thank you! 
  • Vixen – have I thanked you enough for including me in your Friday Favorites! Thank you!!
  • Dana – Thank you for your mentions and link love as well. 
  • Sadie – I’ll be honest, this surprised me a bit as I had not realized you had my site linked on your blog.  Thank you for the link love and the traffic.
  • Borderline Unfriendly – this one showed me I need to look at my stats more often. Why? I found a blog sending me link love that I need to go visit. Thank you!!
  • A Thousand Kisses Deep – another site I didn’t realize was referring readers to me. Thank you!

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  1. Chapter Two says:

    gotta love the stats. I look often but that is only to see WHERE people are coming from across the globe. I wonder what that person in Spain or Greenland thinks of me. yeah- it’s good times.

    My search words are no longer working on my stat counter though- sigh….maybe time for a change, I hate change

  2. Vixen says:

    Irony….I just did a similar post yesterday. The search words are always worth a giggle.

    I have found some interesting new blogs by way of my statcounter!

  3. Advizor54 says:

    I’m with C2, I like the world map and love getting hits from countries like Malaysia or Iran where someone is obviously fighting the good fight against govt suppression.

  4. Well you are welcome! I love your blog and am glad that I send traffic your way.

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