Wednesday Wanderings

Thank you for all of your comments yesterday! It was interesting seeing other perspectives on how I have been feeling. Some of the insights were great.

I should mention. I don’t consider myself generally a pessimist. I am more of a cynic.  I read a definition once that a cynic was a broken hearted idealist, and I think that best describes me.  While I’m not out there with pom-poms cheering on everyone, I do sincerely want the best outcome for people.  I simply have been broken hearted over my own outcomes.  I do think putting it all out there was the right thing.  At least it got it off of my chest.

Remember a week ago when I wrote about the annoying guardian of one of the girls in my troop? Well, she and I had some words a few days ago.  She wanted me to tell her how many boxes each girl had sold. When I wouldn’t, she kept bugging more and bugging me.  Finally, I said to her, look, it isn’t any of your business.  She got upset and stormed away. Not before she asked about booth sales again, claimed she talked to some fake person, and other such crap. I gave her the info I had, she told me I was wrong, then stormed off.

The moms standing around listening to this drama were floored. And a bit scared, I think, because I would not let her push me around – and I was pretty blunt.  I spoke to my rep for booth sales yesterday who confirmed, I was right. Then gave me some great guidelines that she and I both know that the guardian will not agree to.  Good times! I anticipate my troop will decrease by one in the fall.

I find too much pleasure when my husband grades papers.  Why? Because teenagers are hilarious in their stupidity.  Stupidity? Is that too harsh?  Exhibit A: The kid who wrote about the pyramids, yet includes pictures of the Sphinx – not a pyramid in sight.  He also had some creative sentences.  Creative not in content, but in how he thought they should be structured.  Or Exhibit B: The kid who decided to use the phrase “time to make a Caesar baby” when talking about the point in which the queen decided to procreate.

G pretty much rolls his eyes at this stuff, but his reaction while grading these papers? Hilarious.  The outbursts were great.  The four papers that all stole content from the same site and walked that fine line between original content and plagiarism to the point where he has to get an official staff ruling.   It is like having a sitcom in my living room.  Too much fun….for me, not G.  He is annoyed as hell.

I started a Tumblr last week after I kept sending G pictures of ‘ideas’ and decided it would be best to simply use technology. There is clearly a theme.  Definitely NSFW.

Well, that’s all that is in my brain.  Maybe I’ll actually have something better later.  Ooo…I do want to do this week’s prompt by Lilly.   Maybe tomorrow while I’m supposed to be working, I’ll tackle that.
Until then, happy hump day!

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  1. That kid you described with the Spinx…sounds so much like my 12 year old. I could swear that was his paper. He truly lives on his own planet.

  2. Advizor54 says:

    I love the tumblr but couldn’t find the FOLLOW button!!!

    And we all know the pyramids were built by aliens anyway, right? 🙂

  3. Advizor54 says:

    Oh, wait, there it is… I had to log in to tumblr first…. Strange.

    Great pics, BTW…

  4. Joker_SATX says:

    I would be laughing as well, but then I think back that I used to be one of those Morons that would do a paper on the Pyramids and only include a pic of the Sphynx…So I can say that his laughing is justified.

    Hope you don’t mind, I am following you on Tumblr.

  5. While I was quite riled up by the book about Chinese parenting, I do fear that a lot of American kids are just dumb. Adults too. Sad really.

    I stopped volunteering to help grade science tests a while back, they make me cry.

  6. Grading papers has got to be some great entertainment. I am also glad you stood up to snotty mom. She is probably not used to it.

  7. Vixen says:

    Have I told you how I admire the freakin’ HELL out of you?!

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