POD – Central Oregon

My brothers were late…..as usual. So, I suggested to my dad that we should go find a place to take pictures.  He grabbed his camera too – and off we went.  Smith Rock is always a good subject.  He parked the car, and we hiked back into the tent camping area – an area you can only hike into – no cars allowed. We found some great things along the way.

Smith Rock and the Crooked River

These are the seed pods from some sort of weed that blooms in summer. I loved the left over pods.

In a sea of these pods were deer – lots of deer.

This baby let us walk within about 10 feet of it. I love the big ears and the tongue action. Mom was right nearby, but seemed unconcerned about us.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Why am I not surprised that you like the tongue action? :-p

  2. bikinfool says:

    Happy New Year!

    Your plant there is a thistle. Think it was actually used to ‘card’ wool way back in colonial times.

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