No Good Deed….

I am reminded daily when I hear the stories G brings home that I made the right career choice. Teaching would have resulted in me being fired, I think.

Last year, I stepped up to be a girl scout leader for one of the girl’s troops.  There were 8 kids interested, but no parents who had time. I was unemployed.  I had once been one of those kids without an adult to lead the troop, so I did what my dad (yes, my dad) did and volunteered to do it.

It wasn’t easy. Cookie sales – well, they suck as a leader. But, we made it through pretty well.

This year, it has been harder since I am employed, had a big project make it difficult to get things going with the troop – and, oh yeah, there is a guardian of one of the girls I have problems with.

The girl is new to the troop.

The guardian claims to not be new to scouting.

Yet, all of her experience is mainly boy scouts.

And she is extremely pushy.

If you read my blog, you know that pushiness has likely gone over like a lead balloon with me.  I can be diplomatic if I put my mind to it.  If you know me – and were to see me in those situations – you’d likely get a laugh as I am openly trying to be diplomatic.  My approach changes, my words are carefully chosen, I’m trying to tell them to go to hell while making them happy to be on their way.  I know the pained expression is on my face as I try to resist telling the person to fuck off.

What makes this situation even more difficult is the fact that I have to not piss off the guardian enough that she decides to keep the girl from doing girl scouts.  This is about the children.

The first situation that arose was over patches. She wanted her kid to get them all.  We have a small troop – everyone is doing it together – so this approach is a huge mismatch.  I explained it to her.  Repeatedly.

I even tossed in that this is GIRL scouts – not adult scouts or mom scouts or dad scouts or any other scouts. At the heart, this was about the girls.

No dice.

I finally in the first round made it clear that we aren’t doing it that way. End of story.

The next round came when she informed me that she was going to be the co-leader.

Oh, really?

Then, she could start the troop when most of the girls are doing soccer since her kid isn’t going to do soccer next year.


Again with the GIRL discussion.
Then I said NO.

Then came the cookie talk.

No they can’t sell the cookies for her.

Our area is constantly getting dinged for violations of that rule, so it is drilled into our heads. Again with the GIRL lecture from me, with the final word basically explaining that the penalty for getting caught is loss of money to the troop and the girl.  Then I made sure she saw that she was signing a LEGAL document.

Last night, she called me to inform me she and her kid were doing booth sales – on their own.  I needed to get them dates for them.

Uhm….booth sales are for TROOPS not individuals.

She argued.
I told her whatever – I was checking the rules.
I checked.
I was right.

I have hit this magical point where I now feel I have to get my ducks in a row. I’m going to have to have the talk with her about philosophy and invite her to take her kid to another troop that matches her own style.  I know the parents will back me. I know the principal will too. (He and I had a very open dialog about this woman – the benefits of being a staff member’s wife and knowing too much already.)  But, I now have to involve the leadership above me.  I can’t help but feel she could try to go after me in some way.

If there were no kids involved, I’d say fuck it – and let her have at it.  I don’t need the hassle.  But, there are kids involved.  And she is not a good role model for them.

What’s the phrase?

No good deed goes unpunished?

Yeah, that’s about right with this one.

And this is only scouts.
I cannot imagine how she must be with a teacher.
Poor teacher.

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  1. Uggh don’t you hate people like that? She sounds super annoying. Get rid of her any way that you can. Good Luck.

  2. I feel bad for her daughter. She sounds like a pill.

  3. Maggie says:

    Why does it have to be this troop? I thought there were a fair number in each area and you’re right, if another one does things in a way more compatible with what she wants then she should just switch. Why she wants to stay in a group where she constantly gets a no is beyond me.

  4. Joker_SATX says:

    I have learned long ago never to upset the chain of command….ever!

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