Friday Wrap-Up

….or the post I write when there isn’t a single topic in my head.

I’m good with admitting it.

Let’s see, I guess I could start with last night when I attended my first Twisted Night at the local sex club.  Those of you who have read for a long time may recall my experience with my first sex club – a different one.  The short story is that we ran into a parent at the school and his date – his date who looked as though she did not know where they were going and was surprised when she got there. Ended up kind of screwing up the night a bit as we aimed to avoid them.  This happened nearly 2 years ago.

Fast forward to last night, I’m standing there talking to some people, watching the action in the designated “dungeon area” when I see a familiar face – someone I work with on the project.  She is one of those people who is genuine with everyone she meets – and her first inclination upon seeing me was her usual response which was to greet me loudly.  She gets halfway through doing it when it dawns on her where we both are.  You can read her face as she sort of held the smile and had a half “oh crap” expression go across her face.  I continued on the path of saying hello, then I laughed as she scurried out of sight with, what I later figured out was two other people I work with.

Two years ago, I would have freaked.  This time – my attitude was less freaked and more “how funny is that” especially since I could see she was going to be more uncomfortable with it than I am.

The rest of the night was fun watching the public scenes and admiring the artistry of the suspension rope work. I chatted with a number of people. The creepy guy of the night award goes to this guy who reminded me of a college professor. Usually my attitude keeps those types away from me. Nope.  We chatted for a few minutes. He asked me questions about the lifestyle – what I was into, etc.  It was almost as though he was doing some sort of research about these people attending or something.  Then he leans in and says “can I touch you?”  I looked right at him at this point and said “no, you may not”.  He wandered away after that.

And for my friend who works there and will read this and inevitably say I should have said something if he was creeping me out – he wasn’t – he just screamed creepy guy. Since he was asking and listening, I knew he wouldn’t be trouble.

Outside of that guy, everyone else was lovely. Spoke to a few swingers who came by to check it out the BDSM crowd.  That was pretty funny to hear their perspectives.  And since I wasn’t actively playing, it was funny hearing things like “you aren’t into that (as they point to the spanking going on or the rope work happening) are you?”  I’d laugh and say “yes, yes I am.” Never judge a book, I believe is the phrase they should become familiar with.  How ironic is that that it was almost a year ago when I realized I needed to get better familiarity with it myself.

A fun night – but I could use about 8 more hours of sleep. I have two things going for me today at work: I’m almost done with my deliverable for today – and my boss is out sick.  I see a nap in my future!

After several week of cold weather – or colder than we normally have in this part of Oregon, we have been between 50-55 degrees for the last few days.  I have been laughing at the people on the train who are still in their faux fur lined hunting caps and down winter coats and snow boots.  While in the area of Iowa I grew up in it was conceivable that the weather could change that quickly, out here it doesn’t move that fast.

As I figured would occur, there was some interesting debate on my blog post Tuesday. I could go on about it here, but I won’t.  Check it out and join in if you haven’t had enough debate about the Congresswoman’s shooting.  All I will say is that I’m happy the news for her continues to be good.  I can’t help to think of her and the victims each day as I look out my window at work and see the flags lowered to half mast.

What else is going through my mind? Hmm….

DJ does her pretest in a few weeks to qualify for her black belt test.  That’s huge!  She has worked her ass off   to get here, and I know she will do well.  As a parent, I like seeing her successful – but I like it even more to hear that her instructors find her to be the most coach-able student in their class.  They are continually amazed at her improvement – her attitude – her focus.  I like hearing it because I know it is all her.  She deserves the praise.

I am a crazy person.  I took on 4 new girls into my girl scout troop.  Lord help me!  Actually, the girls are one girl short of having a troop of their own.  How annoying is it to have a group of girls eager to be scouts only to be told they can’t because they are ONE girl short.  I had to take them so they could participate.

My favorite consultant is now done with the project.  Makes me sad as I will miss his humor and our banter.  He ended our time together on a high note.  I can get the guy to tell me the truth about anything.  I discovered this when he did something he wouldn’t tell me about it – I think I called him a tease, so then he told me.  He had come to work Monday with a screwed up back, so I asked how he did it.  He wouldn’t tell me – then leans over and says “I was putting my underwear on”.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  The jokes that ensured after that …. well, they had to be said.

And on that note, may have you have a great Friday!

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  1. waywardrider says:

    Glad to read your experience at the club this time round was better, sans the one guy… and always amusing to run into people you know. It is indeed a small world.

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    Its interesting to see the difference of how you would have felt when you first went to an out like that versus how comfortable you are now.

  3. Ms Scarlett says:

    Your Friday Wrap-Ups always have more in them than any one of my carefully thought out posts!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. The sex club night sounds fun. Have you seen the people from the sex club you work with at work yet.

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