First Week of 2011 in Review

Doesn’t that title sound like this week was a big deal?

While it’s been a good week and is shaping up to be a pretty damn good weekend, this week was just as good as other weeks I’ve had.

The project launched on Monday.  We had some issues that I will not even try to explain because most of you would turn glassy eyed and your thoughts would drift to things that don’t have eight million acronyms that mean something only to the few who understand.  It’s not a slight on your intelligence – just have had plenty of experience with saying the details and getting the follow-up question of “was that English?”

We got the issue resolved. And continue to stomp out little bugs here and there.  It has, overall, been a pretty calm week.  Which means next week will be utter chaos.  But that is to be expected.

It has been nice though, having this calm week, as it means I have had no excuse to not run.  I’ve been running on the elliptical each day because the weather this week has been nutty – and I won’t run alone in the dark.  Plus, there is something nice about catching up with what I can of Eureka season 4 while I do it.  Set the machine for 45 minutes, hit play, and I’m off.  From Sunday to Thursday, I have logged about 20 miles.  Feels good actually.

I also discovered a side effect I had not expected – it’s keeping my back and neck aligned better. My chiropractor announced to me that I must be running again.  Apparently, it agrees with my spine and joints.  Big shock.

Speaking of exercise, The Biggest Loser season that just started this week – watch it and cheer for Irene. She and her mom are neighbors of ours.  Her mom got sent home, but she is still there. I hope she succeeds in her goals. That family is one of those families who you hope good things happen to them.

One thing I will have to say I liked about the first episode of The Biggest Loser was the emphasis they had on “look at what we, as parents, are doing to our kids”.  There were quite a number of child-parent combos. In some cases, the child was actually larger than the parent.  They really drove home this idea of kids learning their habits from their parents throughout the episode.  I hope it works. This country needs it.

Speaking of kids and apples not falling far from the tree, the other night DJ said ‘pitas’ in such a manner that it didn’t sound like pitas. After realizing she did not say ‘penis’, I pointed out that she may want to enunciate more when she says that word as it can sound like another word – one that would just embarrass her.  You could tell that Indigo was thinking hard trying to figure out what I thought DJ had said, then she exclaimed “PENIS!!”  DJ and I almost feel on the floor laughing so hard.

Which only encouraged her to say it over and over and over again until G intervened – shaking his head at me and the fact that there is nothing he can do about genetics.

Poor guy.

Indigo has decided that our black lab is her pet now.  Hope that doesn’t come back to bite her in the ass…..literally.  We are having lessons in assertiveness around him.  If you act like an alpha, he won’t mess with you which is why he meses with kids.  Who knows – maybe this will do him some good.

(And for the record, I’m really not concerned about him doing anything to her. Other kids, yes, her? No.)

And our yellow lab is finally recovering from his two day stay at the dog kennel.  He played too hard – not a good thing for a old dog with arthritis. He has been limping around all week – and we’ve had to medicate him a few times to help with some of his discomfort.  We do need to put the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs again. In his quest to check on the kids, he goes up and down those steep stairs over and over again throughout the day and night. I have visions of hearing him fall down the stairs and getting hurt worse than he is.

And with that, I hope others have had a good first week of 2011.
I will likely not post this weekend – or parts of it, as I’m off to see Picasso in Seattle.
And do other….stuff.
Have a great weekend!
And Happy Friday!

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  1. Sounds like you have had quite a week. I hope you enjoy Picasso, and the stuff.

  2. Just me... says:

    Glad work isn’t sucking…
    Have a great weekend!

    Like that’s going to be a problem, right? 😉

  3. Joker_SATX says:

    Awesome! Glad to hear that you are satisfied with your week! Seems like you have accomplished quite a bit even though it was relatively calm.

  4. Enjoy Picasso. Give the puppy a hug for me. 🙂

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