A Sense of Play

Door opened and closed quickly.

Hands on each other.

Kissing and biting.

Hand in my hair pulling my head back further.

Your teeth on my neck…

…oh, that sweet spot on my neck

…the memory of how it feels makes me squirm just writing it.

Clothes being shed.

Hands on bare skin.

My mouth on your cock

Sucking it, licking it

Fingers on nipples – squeezing and pulling.

source: tumblr

The sound the zipper on your bag

The feeling of rope bundles hitting the bed next to me.

The grappling on the bed as you try to take control….

….and I try to make it difficult.

Your hands on my wrists

Followed by rope.

Being pushed face down and restrained.

Your teeth on my foot as you wrap it with rope

My stifled laughter and struggles as I squirm helplessly

The feeling of your hand on my ass warming me up

The sting turning to erotic warmth

More sounds of shuffling

A glimpse of what’s to come laying in front of me

More spanks

Then the sound of the crack – next to me as you pick up your whip

Quick inhales of breath as I wonder will come next

The lick of the tail as it touched me gently at first

…..Giving me a taste of its power

More cracks to keep my attention

More licks against my ass and thighs

….more feeling of the warmth of each lash spreading thru my skin
A caress of your hand on the marks

Your bite on the more sensitive areas

Your fingers sliding between my spread legs to see my body’s response

More licks

….More cracks

….More moans

Prickly feelings as the Wartenberg wheel is added to the mix

On the marks on my ass

….my pussy

Then more fingers

….More moans

Intense release

source: tumblr

Feeling of ropes leaving wrists and feet

An embrace

Gentle kisses and nibbles

Coming down from it all

….with a final sigh and smile.

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  1. Aeon's Angel says:

    The temp in my hometown is 21 degrees outside. However the temp inside is steamy! This was beautiful!

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