I have often had difficulties explaining exactly – outside the sexy, kinky stuff – why SG and I click.  I realized this weekend why.  He is simply unlike most of my other partners.  We have a friendship between families like many other partners of mine. We have fun, kinky times together.

But when we get together, he has a presence that I need.  Despite his day, despite the stresses of family life and kids, SG is present. He is only there for me. Nothing distracts him from me.  He is present. He is there. There is no drama between us or brought in from outside. This both enables us to enjoy and savor the moment.

He takes care of me. No, I don’t mean that he gets me off or something like that.  He coddles me. He asks me how my day is – while he give me outlets for de-stressing.  At the same time he is holding me down to paddle me, he is pushing my hair from my face and kissing me sweetly – tenderly.

I often feel he wraps me in a cocoon while we are together – using his body to keep me close and protected.  The same hand that may find its way to my throat is the same one that strokes my skin as we curl up afterward.

And while he cannot always give me what I may need at the moment – a good hard spanking – a fuck of a certain kind – my time with him is like therapy. I come out a bit sore, feel better, and hungover from the time I had. Just like I would envision a good therapy session would be.

Overall, I enjoy the bubble our time together creates. It is like getting caught in a fantasy for a few hours (or a full day).  A time I sometimes need after the stresses of the week.

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  1. Thats very sweet and sounds like a great match.

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    This was a good read. Warm, Inviting and secure…very much like your relationship with SG!


  3. Vixen says:

    That kind of presence is important. xo

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