POD – Hunting

The start of the annual hunt. The hunting ground? The family of one of the kids at the school.  Gotta love Oregon where you likely know someone who has a Christmas tree farm.

We found and killed our tree in record time. I think it took us maybe a half hour. We waited longer to have it shaken.  After we found ours and the girls were carrying it out, several husbands looked longingly at us having seen us walk in and out of the field while their wives still tried to find “the perfect tree”.

What can I say, our criteria is easy – tall and skinny. It’s all we have room for in our living room. Oh, and no spiderwebs. Took us six months to clear out the spiders that infested a tree and our house after that misfortunate choice.  So, our tree is found and up now.

Now to find the rest of the stockings. All the Christmas stuff is usually in marked bins, but either we are missing a couple bins that did not get put back where they should have – or they got put in something else last year.  Oh well. It’ll get sorted out.

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  1. Chapter Two says:

    where are the feet and feet of snow? 😉

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