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MIA – it seems to be a good way to describe me recently.  I’m behind in my pictures. I’m not posting my usual stuff at my usual times. I’m not making my rounds on other blogs.  There are many explanations.

Work is definitely one of them.  We are two weeks away from go-live. For all of you business types, you’ll realized that is only 8 business days due to the holidays.  It has been a fast and furious time around the project.  Last week, the project team was on the verge of imploding as all of the key players started throwing people under the bus – people they really needed in order to be successful.  The behavior got the attention of the HR VP  who took action to get the team some relief without sacrificing the project.  Good stuff, right? Wrong.  The same people tossing others under buses are also martyrs.  They still worked the same schedule. They still complained. And I realized it was time to advice people to stop trying to help them. Nothing was going to help.  It makes for a long, LONG week.

The pre-holiday craziness at home has been in full swing as well.  Lots of activities, last minute field trips, final TKD practices, etc.  Too much to do, too little time.  Add that to work stress, and it has not been fun.

Then there are the gifts – the final gifts to make before the holidays.  What have I been doing with my free- time? Knitting a hat, than in the end is best suited for someone else.  I know the person I made it for will not wear and appreciate it.  So, while it was a cool project, it did not meet the objectives.  Oh, well. At least I’m starting to watch a cool show on Netflix – Eureka.  TL – go look it up – you’ll like it, trust me.

This weekend, we had house guests – AND we were sans children too.  It was a great time.  A GREAT time.  I have enjoyed how this weekend has gone very much.  I don’t think I’ve laughed this much in a while.  I needed that time to recharge – and find my happy place.  While it was bumpy a time or two, I think it worked out well.  A good time was had by all.  Yeah, definitely a good time was had by all.

My apologies for the, uhm, mystery around the weekend.  It was a fun – “that kind” of a weekend. But our friends are not blog fodder.  There may be a few things I write about – but there will be no blow-by-blow. Nope. Not with them.

Speaking of the weekend – Margaret LIVES!!  My 1967 CJ5 Jeep runs and drive and actually sound pretty damn good given her age.  What was the issue, you may ask?  Someone closed the valve between the gas tank and the fuel line.  Once open, she started up and ran.  Good stuff.

A lot of people were surprised about the gift from G – of a Jeep. But, to them I have to say, it was a fabulous gift!  Driving her around the block after we got her going was a riot.  My friend was with me – teasing me at the fact I was having problems steering with the lack of power steering – laughing as we are happy to find out the breaks work. Sunday, we took it out for a drive – some place where we could drive without worrying about other cars and such – and we had quite the laugh as we discovered things like – no matter how I try, I cannot downshift into first. Or, where first gear is on most vehicles – well, that’s reverse.  Oops.  It was SO much fun. Now I can’t wait to take her other places – after I get some air in the tires. Greatest.Gift.Ever!

G brought back a box of old photos and newspaper clippings from his trip to San Diego. Each trip, he steals a bit more out of the basement. Last time it was great old movies.  This time it was some amazing photos.  And the newspaper clippings.  His grandfather, in one, is being interviewed for having met Ho Chi Min.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It has been amazing going through this little box.  Not enough of this stuff is ever saved, in my opinion.

Indigo’s guinea pig died Friday.  It was quite sad actually. Not having ever been a guinea pig fan, I was made into one upon getting her.  While I would work in the flower beds, she would run around the grass eating the clover and dandelions.  We would feed her carrot tops and apple cores.  She starred in a few of DJ and Indigo’s movies.  Indigo was broken up about it – totally understandable.  Funeral Services will be held sometimes in the next two days.

In other news, I’m in the finals for our Fantasy Football league.  It comes down to G and me.  I will beat him soundly, I am sure.  I mean, I am the family fantasy football league champion for a reason.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.  And a bit of who.
My Christmas wish? Slow down so I can smell the roses already.
Oh well, how does the phrase go? I’ll sleep when I’m dead?

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  1. Babe Lincoln says:

    It’s a hard time of year to slow down. I guess that’s what January is for!

  2. I remember when my kids Guinea Pig died and the vet called me while I was out to lunch to tell me. I bawled like a big,fat,baby. Right in the middle of the restaurant. And I didn’t even care about the piggy. Apparently.

  3. Vixen says:

    I’ve found myself treading water to keep my head above as well…

    I’m glad you had such a great wkend. Being able to recharge helps *tremendously*!

    Sorry to hear about the guinea pig. I drug my feet for a long time about allowing our daughter to get one and he’s really grown on me. Funny how that is.

  4. Joker_SATX says:

    Emmy…I am counting down the days. There are 5 of them left where I get my Christmas present….

    A week san kids…with the wife. I probably won’t sleep that week making sure I don’t miss any of it.

  5. Maggie says:

    We’ll be waiting for you on the other side of the craziness. I hope you at least get some time for a beer or something!

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