A Typical Saturday – The Winter Months

Saturday morning at our house involves alarm clocks going off at an hour I don’t like seeing during the week.  I had eagerly anticipated that it would be over after soccer season ended. No more alarm clocks. No more running around rushing kids here and there. A relaxing Saturday.

Yeah right.

DJ got chosen for the state taekwondo team. Part of me wished that I could get my morning back. But the part of me that knew she would love to do it, knew it would help her with the last bit of training for her black belt test, and knew she would rock it overrode my desire for sleep.

So up early it is. Rousing kids from their beds when they would rather sleep in. Make coffee. Then rush to get her to practice on time. Then sit, as I am right now, wasting time as she trains.

This continues until March or April. It doesn’t matter which – it’s not ending anytime soon.

The joys of being a parent with athletic kids.

After practice today, we are going to go get our Christmas tree.  The only weekend between now and Christmas we have time to do it.

Then I have to play “find the barbie head on the Christmas tree” with DJ. She is determined that she will be hanging Barbie heads on the tree. I pointed out it works for Halloween, but not so much for Christmas. She simply replied “we’ll see” and left.  Yep, there will be Barbie heads hidden on the tree.  I just hope she doesn’t discover the tin of them. I think there are about 30 of them in there.

Indigo has decided to try to achieve some sort of record for talking continuously. I seriously has heard every thought she has had and every experience in detail over the past few days.  Our usual tactic of the quiet game is not working.  I laugh because my FIL was convinced when she was 2 years old that she had  a delayed speech problem.  As G said, her speech problem is that she can’t stop speaking.

All this in a typical Saturday for us.
Now excuse me as I go get some more coffee.

What do you think?

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