2010 Blog Recap

The last blog post of the year – or nearly last one assuming I don’t post a picture, I guess.  
Ok, let me start over – 
The last blog rambling of the year.
I feel I should be reflective, or at least do a self evaluation to assess my blogging for the year.  
The facts:
  • Posted 640 times.
  • Took and posted a shitload of pictures.  (highly technical description)
  • Participated in HNT every week this year – 70 photos total. 
  • Posted a lot of quotes.
  • Ranted way too much about the fucking project I’m managing.
  • Wrote some erotic accounts of my play dates.
  • Have a lot of new followers compared to last year.
  • Have found people have gotten to me via some pretty interesting web searches.  
The 365 Day Project
In 2009, doing the project forced me to do something I was just not good at: carrying the camera with me and taking a shit load of pictures.  Sure, if I had the camera, I took pictures. But, many times in the past, I would bemoan the fact I missed a great opportunity because it wasn’t with me.  And the photos I did take, were happy accidents many times. I had no idea how I did it.  They just happened to turn out well.   So, I did the project to help me get better. Force me to carry the camera. Force me to take pictures. Force me to learn to turn these happy accidents into purposefully taken photographs.  And 2009 did many of those things for me.
In 2010, I decided to continue to do it. Then I realized quickly that I did not like that last minute feeling of needing to figure out what my picture of the day was going to be. In 2009, shooting for the sake of having a picture was fine.  But, I didn’t like doing that anymore.  I wanted there to be a real purpose behind why I took that picture – and not because I felt I had to keep the project going.  So, I started focusing on quality versus quantity.  I started doing little day trips to places where there were great photo opportunities.  I started setting my white balance on my camera using a white balance card (of sorts). I upgraded my camera and was forced to learn how to live without a flash by setting ISO, shutter speed and aperture.  I learned about editing photos. So, while I may not have hit every day, I do feel my purpose was the same.  Getting better at taking pictures.
In 2011, I’m going to continue to do much of the same. I’m not sure I’ll do a formal 365 project – or if I’ll go to a weekly thing. Pics will continue to be prominent on the blog.
The Stories
I started in late 2009, but did it more in 2010 – sharing stories – stories of our sexy encounters – of my sexy encounters.  It was kind of fun sharing them. Being open about that has been nice. Sharing the moments that stick in my head has been nice – kind of a cross between a page in the diary and a conversation with a friend.  I’ll likely continue it in 2011.  Okay, who am I kidding, I will.  Writing those passages helps me process them – helps me figure out what it was about those moments that stands out in my head.  No blow-by-blow  – simply a passing moment to share – a glimpse.
Some of the blog posts that have been my favorite and the most fun to write are the ones about me.  Weird Emmy Fact and the like have generated some of my favorite comments.  It’s funny how revealing one’s quirks can do that.  I’m sure I’ll do more.  I’m quirky.
I have also had some fun with HNT this year. I take a majority of my own pictures – thanks to a remote and a tripod.  It’s funny how an idea can evolve into other images.  And, like the 365 day project photos, editing them has been fun too.  I know I’ll continue to do that.
Overall, 2010, has had its up and downs.  Despite some of the downs, I don’t think I’d trade much about it.  There are few things.  There are people I wish I could have seen more, but those wishes are like icing on a cake that is already good on its own.  While we have lost a few friends along the way, the friends who have entered our lives have been great additions.  
Our kids are healthy. G and I are still going strong.  I’m employed. He’s employed.  We have love – we have laughters. Despite some minor drama here and there, we have peace.
Life, overall, is good.
In 2011, I hope for much of the same.

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  1. Hubman says:

    “Life, overall, is good.
    In 2011, I hope for much of the same.”

    I hope so too, for both of us!

    Happy New Years, my friend 🙂

  2. Lusting Lola says:

    Happy New Year, Emmy!
    I look forward to seeing…er…reading more in 2011.

  3. asian dyna says:

    Looked like a great year. All the best for 2011!

  4. I hope that 2011 brings you new adventures, sane employers and an end to the girl’s bickering.

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