Wednesday Wanderings through My Mind

  • I received a text message this morning from TL saying “you didn’t update your blog – now what am I going to read”. I love his subtle hints. 
  • I ran last night for the first time since maybe July 5th, and it felt great. I suspect my running partner helped make it a less painful experience by offering me distraction. I’m hoping this becomes a regular thing (hint, hint to the person reading this that went with me) because I have missed it.
  • Round 856 of this project has begun this week. Three days into it, and it has already been crazy as we run around in circles. Too much involvement at the wrong levels, good crew of consultants though.  We’ll see how the week ends up.  
  • T-5 days until Indigo’s birthday. I guess we should find the girls who is hard to shop for a present. Hmmm…..I think I gave away all of my good gift ideas. Is 8 too young to start giving her a gift certificate?
  • I’m feeling very snarky today. Mainly because I feel I’m on the verge of some drama that I don’t want. And I know myself too well – and I know that I will be the cause of it if I don’t step back.  So I’m trying to do it. Now if it will work on me mentally.
  • I am behind everything right now. Blogging. Photography. Everything. Hell, I don’t even have an HNT yet for the week. We’ll see if I remedy that later.
  • I found an awesome site for printing photos in a unique way. I got my first one back from them the other day and it looks amazing. If you are looking for gift ideas or have photos you keep thinking you need to get blown up to hang on the wall, check out Fracture.  I will be ordering more for Christmas gifts. 
  • I can recite cost accounting rules in my sleep. Please someone stage an intervention.
  • Even though I beat our #1 player in Fantasy Football this week, I am still only #2. I should be tied, but no, G tied me the week before. I think my brothers have given up because, after all of their crap talking, they are both tied for last in our league.
  • I have to read legal documents thanks to my parents’ filing for bankruptcy where they named me as a creditor. They owe me money – money I was prepared to forget – but they didn’t. So now I have to deal with all of this BS. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.
  • I’ve been scaring the IT people lately. They all think I’m just an expert on the software I was brought in to implement. No one realized I have 15 years IT experience.  I have been asking very specific questions like “why can’t you setup a VLAN to give these guys internet access?” Or “Could you add Jane to the security group that grants her remote access to that app?”  I like to keep them wondering.
  • Random fact – one of the consultants talks to his wife 18 times during the 9hr day. We asked him if she’s allow to open a door without consulting him on it first.  He made some “yo mother-esque” comment.  
Happy Hump Day! Celebrate appropriately.

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  1. DCHY says:

    Yo mother! Better? 😉 Thanks for the Fracture tip.

  2. What DO you get an 8 year old for their birthday?

  3. I love the ramblings of your mind. I started giving DB a special trip for his birthday when he turned 9. Why don’t you offer her a weekend getaway with you, get a hotel room and do something special.

  4. Just me... says:

    Good luck with the gift.. I struggled hugely when DD was 8.. Luckily, she made a very specific request a week before her birthday.. Saved by a kid who realized I didn’t have a rat’s ass clue as to what she would like!! :):)

  5. I have worked with a girl whose husband held a very important job, and no joke she called him 25 times a day to ask him stuff like what dressing she should have on her salad? What was the name of that song playing this morning? etc. I once asked her if that annoyed him,,,it would annoy me. But Nope they have been happily married for 15 years and are one of the best couples I know. I think some men need to feel needed and these women have figured that out.

  6. Hubman says:

    Thanks for mentioning Fracture, I’ve been thinking about getting some prints made, looks like they do a nice job!

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