Unintended Consequences

We met with polite words, an embrace, and a quick kiss on the lips.  Or that’s how it was intended.

The quick kiss turned into another one and a deeper one until we were pulling each other in tight – hands roving – breathe quickening.

He had come for another purpose – a non-sexual one – but the tension between us was clearly too much as that purpose left our heads and was replaced by the urge to devour each other.

He slid a hand along the side of my body from thigh to my arm – then did it again, this time slipping under my shirt and bra. He easily found a nipple, erect and waiting for him to squeeze.  And when he did, I moaned into the kiss.  This started the blur of activity as we quickly shed each other’s clothes.  Then I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.

I started by swirling my tongue around the head, then slowly started taking more and more into my mouth – sliding the length in and out between each attempt to take more. And with each stroke, with more length taken, his response was greater.  I felt his hands on my head, grabbing some hair, so he could control the pace and depth. He could keep me from sliding his cock back out before he was ready. This continued until he used my hair to pull me back to my feet.

Our lips met again – a long, deep kiss that ended with teeth on each other’s lips and necks.

I grabbed him by the hand and took him to the bedroom, shutting the door after we entered. We kissed again, then I broke it long enough to ask “you gonna fuck me?”


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  2. DCHY says:

    Whew. What a story.

  3. Those are the best kinds of consequences. Lucky you!
    My favorite of course is when you broke long enough to ask “you gonna fuck me?” Music to my ears…..


  4. Someone knows how to have a good time.

  5. Vixen says:

    Mmmm…..sexual tension is THE. BEST.

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