Time with Indigo

If you look at my pictures yesterday, you will see the few hours Indigo and I spent at the Chinese Garden.  While DJ and G were off being geeks, I decided we needed to go do something. Indigo was happy to lay on the couch and watch movies in front of the fire, but I realized how infrequently she and I spend time together.

Indigo loved the Japanese Garden the time we went. The scavenger hunt they gave the kids gave her a way fo seeing the garden that she enjoyed. I think she was hoping for the same thing this time around.  Even though they did not do this at the Chinese Garden, the neat little booklet they gave describing the areas of the garden was enough for her.

Fact #1 about Indigo: She LOVES to read. Like G, if you give her a sign or a book – she has to read all of it.  Unlike G, she will actually read it to you after you have read it. The enthusiasm is great. But just a little loud for a quiet, tranquil place.

Fact #2 about Indigo: She uses big words. She occasionally tosses in a good word here or there, but her vocabulary is off the chart.  She’s using words to accurately describe things that most adults won’t use. Where did that come from?? Guess I missed it because I usually hear her fighting with her sister.

Fact #3 about Indigo: She loves tea. We had tea in the teahouse, and she was blown away. She and her sister discovered mint tea a few months ago. They love drinking it. It was funny seeing her sitting at the neat table in the tea house, with her ugly doll, sipping tea and discussing the flavors she is tasting.

Fact #4 about Indigo: She has become crazy for drawing. There were three people there drawing pictures from various points in the garden. She looked at me and realized she was without her backpack – therefore without her paper and writing implements. “Next time, Moe, I want to draw pictures like they are.”  And knowing Indigo, she will.

Fact #5 about Indigo: She can actually spend several hours without being crazy. When I see her, she is around her sister – the person that draws her crazy out.  If it grosses out her sister, Indigo will do it 10 times to really gross out her sister. Nothing is too crazy or too much.  Spending 3hrs with her and not having to remind her to calm down or tell her to stop doing that to her sister was refreshing. It allowed me to see Indigo and not “Indigo the Little Sister”.

It was fun spending that time with her. It was fun seeing her for who she is not who she becomes when around people. She and I will definitely go there again (and other places) – and next time, I’ll make sure she has her drawing pad.

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  1. Hubman says:

    As you know, Veronica and I each make time to spend alone with each kid, they value it as much as we do. I’m glad to hear that you and Indigo got to do the same thing!

  2. Soren says:

    OH WOW. It’s been forever since I’ve visited the gardens. Certainly have to remedy that soon, thanks for reminding me!


  3. Lusting Lola says:

    Sounds like a wonderful afternoon with your daughter. How fun!

  4. I’m glad you and Indigo got to spend time alone together. I treasure the time I get to spend with DB and PP without the other around so I can really focus on them.

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