The MacGyver of Kink

On Wednesday, I talked to SG who commented that I needed to let him know when I’m working at home next so that he can come help me. Or should I say cum help me. I had lamented the fact that it would likely not be until January as my project will make it difficult.  We might need to schedule some time at a hotel after work or something – or maybe an overnight.  We decided to play it by ear and keep that option open.

Yesterday I realized that it was only going to be a half day. My consultants are in town for four days each week making those 9-10hr days leaving Friday a weird day for me. And a day I have to carefully manage my own budget on the project (given I’m a contractor).  I was getting ready to leave at lunch time when I ran smack dab into the caravan bringing into the square the giant Christmas tree. I stood their annoyed at the fact I was stuck waiting for traffic to clear so that the trains could start running when I decided to text SG.

“Wish I would have realized sooner today would be a short day. The house will be empty – so you could have played. Maybe I’ll try to plan better next time.”

I got a call less then a minute later.

“I’m working in the city today.”

How lucky was that!  On a good day, he is an hour away.  And even luckier was the fact he was at a point where he could turn the work over to his assistant and take off.  He would be at my house in 30 minutes. Perfect.

He came into the house dressed in his work clothes and boots. I had clearly lured him off the job for the day. Damn shame really.  I shut the door behind him and gave him a hug hello.  A hug that turned into a kiss that turned into me having to suggest we leave my living room and open blinds and go into the bedroom.

As he took off his shoes, he apologized. He did not have his bag of trick as he normally would. He had teased me earlier that I was to find some cord or something he could use to tie my nipples like he liked. Ironically, instead, I had hidden all of G’s ropes and other accouterments from SG.  They weren’t mine to loan – but also I had teased him he was going to have to be creative. Can’t make it easy on the man.

After getting undressed and warmed up a bit, he stood up asking if the under-the-bed restraints were still under the bed. I confirmed they were, and he walked around fishing them out and laying them on the bed within arms reach.  He then pulled me up,  rolled me onto my stomach, and bent me over the bed.  He was quite proud of his plan, I could tell, as he attached a cuff to each wrist so that I was forced flat and sprawling on the edge of the bed.  Then he went behind me and prepared to fuck me.

And fuck me he did, hard into the bed with long strokes – the sound of our bodies slapping together filling the air mixing with my moans. He slid deep into me, then paused for a second.  I knew when his hand left my hip what to expect.  WHACK! His hand slapped my ass, once, twice, then a third time. Then he switched hands to smack the other side.

SG is not a spanker. He loves his slapper and his crop.  He loves how red it makes my ass. And he loves how it sounds as well as how wet it makes me.  I heard him fumbling around, then he said “perfect”.

What was perfect??

“Look what I found, Emmy.” He lifted my hair off my face so I could see it. He had found the belt my daughter had returned to me.  My black studded belt.  “Oh shit” was my first thought.

“Hmm….which side should I use – they both would work well. I could use this side,” then he demonstrated his point by smacking my ass with the end. “Or I could use this side,” then demonstrated  on my other side.  Both lifted me off the bed a little in my response – as they smarted in a way that walked that line between pleasure and pain.  And what a walk along that line it was as he picked a side and smacked my ass with the end of the belt.

After he was done, he laid the belt next to me so I could see it, and started fucking me hard again.  He rubbed his hand across each welt as he did it – both reminding me of them as well as trying to massage away the sting.

SG loves my breasts bound. It is usually the first thing he does before starting anything else. He loves the way they feel on his chest. He loves the sounds I make when he plays with them bound. He loves the way they look.  Without rope, I knew he would not be able to bind them – or would he.

He stopped fucking me – and pulled away suddenly.  I heard him unclipping the other cuffs, then pull open the velcro tabs.  He then loosened my arms so I could push myself up on my hands.  He then proceded to wrap each cuff tightly around each breast.  Pretty much creating the same effect.  Then he tightened my arms down again, pushed me flat and started fucking me.  

I had made a comment earlier that my head hurt.  A combination of stress and a past due trip to the chiropractor had given me a pain in the neck and head.  He finally released me so that we could reposition me in hopes of helping eleviate my neck.  Plus, he felt sorry for me having exasperated it already.  He had me flat on my back, then started removing my cuffs from my wrists.

SG is a natural when it comes to predicament bondage. He knows exactly how to put me in situations where I have no good choice in terms of who to shift my weight or change position.  In this case, he attached the cuffs to my ankles and attacked them to the straps above me. I couldn’t put my feet down or could I put all of the weight on my cuffs. This forced me to hold my legs open and in position – no cheating by relying on the bonds. Nope. Only my leg muscles.  And when he does stuff like that, he spends time trying to make me shift positions. And this was no different as he fucked me hard – making my body move and shift, thus making it difficult to hold the position.

He stopped thrusting when he was buried deep inside me, pulled me close, and said in my ear that he would release me – maybe – if my legs got tired. Until I admitted it, he was going to keep fucking me.


And when I didn’t say uncle, he started demanding to know where there was string.  I didn’t know where there was any, so he improvised…..


“These clips on these cuffs will work” he decided.
“These clips” as he showed me the clips used to connect the cuffs to the straps.
And with a smile, he demonstrated by clipping one onto my nipple as a makeshift nipple clamp.  He put the other one on, then smiled down at me and my expression that clearly gave away how it hurt good….very good.

“How’s that, Emmy? Are you sure you don’t have string?”
“I swear, you are the MacGyver of Kink” as I laughed at how many uses he found for accomplishing the same things with this set of under bed restraints.

Then as I was mid-laugh, he slid into me hard – pulled me tight against his chest so that the clips rubbed and pulled a bit and fucked me hard.

Even when I said much later that my legs were tired, he didn’t unclamp them right away. And when he did, he put my legs on his shoulders then fucked me hard again – forcing my legs to rub against the clamps.

And here I thought my fun was going to be more laid back due to his lack of toys.
I guess I should just be happy he didn’t bring a roll of duct tape.

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  1. Your afternoon sounds like great fun. Its always good to fuck the resourcesful.

    And I am sure there is a porn movie in “The MacGuyver of Kink”

  2. John and Ann says:

    MacGuyver of Kink, a great title for a great story! No wonder you needed coffee!

    Of course, it was more like a MacGrubber in the end since I am assuming that it ended with an explosion!

  3. KittyCat says:

    Damn you have quite the sex life.

    I would of paid to see him use the duct tape.

    Just sayin

    New here : )

  4. i love your posts with SG. So full of passion and well written with a beautiful view of your mind and what you were thinking and feeling. Thank you for sharing! Hot as always! C-Man

  5. The title is perfect.
    I guess you should always expect the unexpected and how good it will feel.


  6. Aurore says:

    SG is quite a resourceful man, making you a very lucky woman 😉

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