Reflections from a Year Ago

It was about a year ago. Right before G went to outdoors school that we met. We had chatted here and there – getting to know each other at the request of a common partner.  And we simply hit it off. He was dirty – and he inspired me to show it. It’s funny how the right person can bring it out – and he did.

Right before G left, our common friend brought him over to meet us. It was weird and a bit awkward as he and G sat in the two chairs in our living room while our friend and I sat on the couch.  We had been joking and talking when we started verbally teasing her a bit too much.  She responded by reaching for me, pulling me close and started to kiss me. Her hands were under my shirt, my bra was being unhooked, and her fingers had found my nipples.  She grinned with how she was affecting me. And the boys were enjoying the show.

She finally grabbed my hand and took me into the bedroom – right off of the living room.  She pulled off my clothes, then pushed me onto the bed.  Her mouth was on my nipples – suck and tugging on them – as her fingers found my clit.  G undressed and got onto the bed next to me – feeding me his cock.  And TL, TL found the chair in the corner – sat there and watched.  He wasn’t silent in his watching – he encouraged – he was enjoying the show.  He finally joined us on the bed.  He was pretty much the only one clothed at that point.  His mouth was on mine, kissing it hard and deep.  He was saying dirty things into my ear as he encouraged her to do dirty things.

G ended up fucking me, as the other two watched – and lent a hand or a mouth. And after he came, their attentions turned back to me – and making me cum.  A toy was grabbed from our toy box, and they all watched and helped me to an orgasm. At one point, I had his cock in my mouth – sucking it and licking it as I came.  It was a very hot evening – and not a bad way to meet someone.

I learned afterward that they had come by, not to disrupt our night, but to add to it. And they did. It was fun – it was sexy – and I would have loved for it to continue, but they left us to enjoy the rest of the evening ourselves.

It’s hard to believe this was the start of a friendship – and some other fun too.
It’s a good memory.
One I’m glad to have.

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  1. DCHY says:

    Oh man, that sounded so…wonderful. Quite a way to start a friendship.

  2. A great way to start a beautiful friendship with benefits. Very sexy time had by all.


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